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Why You Should Choose A Marquee For Your Wedding

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Whilst it’s a wonderful occasion, a wedding can take a heck of a lot of preparation, and there are a lot of important decisions to make along the way. One of the biggest (if not the biggest) is where the wedding and the reception are held. Of course, there are plenty of options – pubs, stately homes, specialist venues, etc – but one of the most popular remains hiring a marquee. What, then, does a marquee offer that makes it so special?

Unrivalled Versatility

Firstly, it offers unique flexibility in terms of location. Essentially, a marquee means that you can have your wedding more or less wherever you like (as long as you’re able to obtain permission, obviously!). Whether you’d like your wedding to take place on a hillside location in Scotland or the sweeping plains of Surrey, a marquee means that you really can have that dream wedding – not the wedding that’s like a dream except for where it takes place!

The Perfect Sized Venue

Secondly, a marquee means that ongoing changes in size can be accommodated. Because marquees are available in a range of different sizes, you should be able to take into account those inevitably fiddly changes that often take place in the run up to the big day. Whether the band needs more space to set up their stage, or you’ve simply managed to forget to invite a few people, you don’t need to worry about everybody having to squeeze into the venue – you can simply add more room!

Theme Your Marquee As You Like

Thirdly, marquees offer the more creative couple a genuine blank canvas on which to paint their perfect visuals. Whilst set locations can offer a truly breathtaking backdrop, their rigid nature means that there will always be a little something that clashes with the rest of the wedding’s theme, or something that the happy couple simply don’t like much, whether it be a set of paintings on the wall or the flooring used in an otherwise perfect room. A marquee can be turned into anything from a fairytale ballroom to an eighties style nightclub (if that’s your style!).

Marquees also offer the happy couple the possibility of holding the wedding somewhere comforting – at home! Of course, this option is dependent on the size of the garden, but those who have a family home with decent sized grounds could spend the happiest day of their life right where they feel most comfortable.

Total Control

Finally, as well as offering a great of flexibility in terms of visual aesthetics, marquees are also very malleable with regards to the actual activities at the reception, which isn’t always the case with venues at set locations. For instance, that stately home you’re looking at might be the perfect location for the first dance, but they might not be quite so open to the idea of that rock covers band you’re looking at for the after-party! Needless to say, whatever features you want in the reception venue – whether it be live music, karaoke, a chocolate fountain or simply a McDonalds buffet (it happens!) – can be accommodated by a marquee.

Matt Johnson is an avid camping blogger and marquee erector at Arena Event Hire, the UKs leading marquee hire company. When Matt isn’t sharing his camping advice and knowledge online with the world he enjoys gardening and doing DIY around the home.

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