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Why Portugal is the Perfect Wedding Location

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Portugal is a gorgeous place, ripe with culture and sun, which makes it the perfect wedding destination. With a real myriad of options when it comes to putting the perfect wedding together, as well as some amazing local wedding planners, it can be the best way to go when wanting to do something special for your big day.

It’s a Beautiful Place

            Let’s get that out of the way firstly! From spectacular Lisbon, out to the rest of more rural, beautiful Portugal, this is an exceedingly beautiful place. With gorgeous, idyllic beaches, and spectacular natural sights, it can make for an extremely tranquil and breath-taking setting for a wedding.

The fact is, no-one wants to have a dull, run-of-the-mill wedding on their special day. They want beauty, serenity, style and originality. All that’s rarely found in the more well-trodden wedding path. To find that, you need to look a bit further afield. Try Portugal!

Lots of Options

            From beautiful cities, full of culture, style and intrigue, to rolling green countryside, to tranquil, tropical-looking shores, in location alone, you’ve got a veritable myriad of options in Portugal. Then you’ve got all the different villas, styles and scales of your wedding. In short, there’s a lot of different options when it comes to putting together the perfect matrimonial party there.

Pick the Right Minimum Hassle Planner

            The trouble with wedding planning is that it’s pretty stressful. There’s always a ton of things to do, and it can be hard prioritising the right things, and making sure elements get done. You can effectively double that stress if you’re trying to organise it abroad and don’t know the local language!

Hiring the right local wedding planner in Algarve, someone who knows the region, has contacts and existing relationships there, and who can take care of everything can be invaluable to really enjoy your wedding.

The perfect wedding abroad doesn’t have to be stressful or draining, not if you get the right local business to help you out. You want to enjoy your big day, let the professionals shoulder the stress.

Cheap to Fly to From Most of Europe

            One of the big costs and hassles of holding a wedding abroad is simply making sure everyone can show up without breaking the bank and feeling like your friends and family are spending too much.

That rules out a lot of the world, but in advance, you can get fantastically cheap flights out to Portugal from the majority of Europe. That means no worrying about people being able to come, or the overall cost!

Locally Cheaper

            Speaking of cost, compared to a lot of other places, Portugal is substantially cheaper locally. That means that your wedding does not have to cost an insane amount, and you can keep the whole budget low if you’re clever about it. Portugal is an ideal place to have the most extravagant wedding ever, or have an intimate, touching budget affair.

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