What’s the Best Site for Engagement Marketing

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The fine folks at CMO have put together a great infographic that serves as a guide to where you should invest your social media efforts based on your goals. They’ve compared the major social sites across their effectiveness for Customer Communication, Brand Exposure, Traffic To Your Site, and SEO.

Let’s look at how you can use this guide most effectively for Engagement Marketing.

Customer Communication

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr are considered the best avenues for customer communication. What do these sites have in common? Easy access to an audience and very rich engagement features. Each of these sites is better suited to achieve a different goal and using them all can quickly turn into social media overkill: too much content to create, too many conversations to participate in, too many people to engage. My advice is simple: prioritize your goals and choose 1 or 2 platforms to start with.

Want to reach influencers or participate in real-time conversations? Use Twitter. Do you have a lot of rich content to publish and share? Use Tumblr & Facebook. You get the idea.

Remember: none of these sites is better than the other in a general sense. Each is better at helping you achieve different goals.

Brand Exposure

With brand exposure, you have many more options. In this area, you don’t care so much about the engagement factor, just the potential reach and the profile of the community. Does your brand address early adopters or geeks? Use Digg or Reddit. Do you want to reach a very mainstream type of audience? Then Facebook and YouTube are your best bet. Again, the best way to think about this is to understand the profile of the people you want your brand to be exposed to, and then pick 2-3 platforms where this demographic hangs out.

A word of caution though: even though you might use these platforms for brand exposure, be ready for hardcore engagement. Your content will get comments and you need to be on the ball to follow up immediately. The worst thing you can do is seed your content and then leave. People will ask questions and there won’t be anyone to answer. Or worse yet, they’ll post negative comments and nobody will be there to reply and make your position heard.

Here’s the full Infographic: The CMO’s guide to the Social Landscape

Tune in next week to see how you can capitalize on social platforms for Traffic To Your Site and SEO.

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