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What you should know about renting a tent for your Wedding

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It is true to say that outdoor wedding ceremonies have their natural perquisites. This aspect makes many couples to look earnestly for great venues for their coveted sunny event. 

Any couples may not know where to start; if they need a tent or not. Worry not, since this article is objectively made for you. But before you think about renting a tent;

Do you need a tent?

Certainly, the need to rent a tent depends on the wedding’s location and venue. Unexpectedly, storms may roll, and only tents would be your saving grace. So if you have planned to have an outdoor wedding, you will need to consider wedding tent rentals for a couple of reasons. The main reason as to why you will need a tent is to make sure your guests will be comfortable and immune to potentially harmful weather elements.

Besides a tent acting as a perfect guard for weather-related issues, they also add a kind of sophisticated element to your wedding day. Yes, they can be decorated to get a matching décor for your palette. But before you rent one, you need to get acquitted with your venue’s policies on the use of tents.

What is your preferred style of a tent?

Now that you have concluded that you will need to rent a tent for your big day, the next thing to figure out is the style of the tent that suits your wedding theme. There are frame and pole tents as the most famous styles of wedding tents.

Look: Pole tents have high ceilings where you can fix some decorative lighting and are aesthetically pleasing. They are staked to the ground. They have a downward sloping look, and small peaks at the center whereas the frame tents offer vast possibilities of shapes and decorations. They are ideal on uneven surfaces, and you can install them on concrete.

Pick the Size you need

You want a tent that will serve all your guests well. A tent which is extremely large such can create a distorting effect. Also picking a small one is not always ideal because the guest will not be comfortable or it won’t contain all of them.

You are only required to know the number of visitors to attend your wedding, and it is witty to consider any special events that you may plan to undertake.

Do you want to add any extra?

You may want to consider adding a heater if you are getting married on cooler weather and a fan if it will be on a hot day. You may require a stage for your event. Or even a floor and sidewall.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this information shared above is very crucial if you want to have an outdoor wedding. Your guest needs to be comfortable as they dance, cheer, witness and have fun at your wedding. So do not neglect the idea of renting a tent to make your wedding successful.

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