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Vintage Wedding Dress Uk

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Vintage wedding dresses come in all sorts and sizes.  If you are looking for a genuine wedding dress in the UK from an era you will have to do some searching.  You might try and go shopping in person from shop to shop, however, this will probably result in more frustration than results.

It would be best if you search for a vintage wedding dress online.  There are several shops that cater to UK clients looking for period dresses.  The romance with period dresses is that you can create an entire wedding theme around the dress you love the most.  If you don’t want to do that, you can just stick with the wedding dress as a period type and leave the rest of the wedding a more traditional formal or casual style.

If you are insistent on buying a dress that was genuinely designed in that period you will have to be prepared for the price.  Depending on the era, Victorian especially, genuine dresses will be more than regular dresses designed today.  It is always possible, and sometimes more convenient to have a reproduction made.  This way you can also guarantee the dress was worn solely by you.  Some people are concerned that the feelings of a previous wedding carry over from a previously worn dress, and if the dress is old you might not be able to find the actual owner of the garment.

It is an easy matter to make or find a period pattern, and then you can pay a seamstress or make your dress yourself.  The advantage of a premade historic dress is you can see immediately how it looks on a bust, and then try it on yourself.

I remember when I was shopping for a dress we did visit a small boutique that was devoted to special handmade historic styles.  I tried on a few of them, always wanting to know what I would look like like a bride from the 1930s.  I tried to shape it so my hairstyle matched the period but it never seemed to suit me.  I also tried on a 1950’s satin dress with silk fabric appliquéd flowers.  This was cute on the bust, button me it just seemed to accent my already wide hips.

I ended up getting a very simple modern-day reproduction of a 60’s white chiffon dress that hugged my body closely.  I received a number of compliments on my dress and I certainly felt like a princess on that most important day.
You will certainly have a more unique wedding dress than the ones you see your friends wearing if you decide to buy a vintage wedding dress.  While you may not have the occasion to wear it again, you might re-sell it as a special item and recover some of the original costs.

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