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Top Wedding Favor ideas in 2017

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Return gifts are the fad of today’s time. While celebrating any special occasion gifting your guests some memorable items show your appreciation towards their love for you. Be it your child’s birthdays your wedding anniversary or any other special occasion guests bring gifts as a symbol of their love for you hence it’s your duty to appreciate their care and gift then something which makes them happy.

Return gifts for weddings are especially important as your guests often travel great distances and make a lot of effort in making it to the wedding. It therefore becomes necessary that we pick a return gift that delights them and also becomes a cherished souvenir of the wedding.

Here are some of the trending return gifts which you can gift your wedding guests.

1. Dry fruit box

Nowadays dry fruit box are very often and beautiful item to gift your guests as a token of thanks for their presence. There is a vast variety of dry fruit boxes available in the market, from simple card board box to a fancy silver coated box. Dry fruit box is an item of utility as well as decoration hence it’ll never fail to please your guests. You can check out some innovative packaging ideas for dry fruits on Pinterest.‌




  1. Potli Bags

Potli or decorated cloth bags make for fantastic wedding return gifts. You can pack them with an assortment of gifts and they are available in a wide range of designs and colours. The best thing is that they go perfectly with the colour and dazzle of an Indian wedding. You can buy these beautiful bags here

3. Chocolate Gifts

A box of chocolates also makes a great return gift at weddings. Your guests are going to love them whether they are young or old. Chocolates can also be packed in a number of exciting and innovative ways. If you are looking for something different you can try Chococraft.

4. Feng shui items

Feng shui items can also be chosen as a return gift at any special occasion. Feng shui is believed to be a source of positive energy in life hence you can wish your happiness for your guests with one of these. A Chinese guardian lion or laughing Buddha can be a good choice. A wide range of these gift options is available with online retailers like Amazon.

5. Decorated earthen pots

If only you are not bound with any budget then earthen pots or crystal vases can be a good option for gifting to your guests. Earthen pots are beautifully coloured and are a good decorative item. You can choose from transparent glass vase or natural coloured earthen pots. Go with colours to get better pots.

As now you have a good list of great ideas for beautiful wedding return gifts, go on and add them to your shopping list. Appreciate the love around you and celebrate your wedding with you lovely guests by gifting them these beautiful gifts.

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