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Top Twelve tips for Wedding Planning

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When you’re planning a wedding there are certain things that are really good to know. There are also some things that are totally necessary for you to know.

If you think there may be something you missed in planning your wedding here are some helpful tips to keep you on the right path –

(1). Your Guests Come First

You need to have a handle on the number of guests you’re going to invite before you settle on your venue. That way you’ll be sure there’s enough space for your crew and everyone else.When you add in space for tables, a band, the dance floor, and busy waiters, it gets taken up really quick.

(2). Investigate Possible Blackout Dates

You want to find out if your wedding date is on the same day as any type of local events that could cause traffic and hotel problems. You also want to keep an eye on the weather to ensure that your wedding is dry and comfortable. Guests are notorious for skipping out on venues that are too hot or too wet. Bugs, gnats, mosquitoes, and deer flies are wedding wreckers during certain seasons. You want to be prepared for anything and everything and plan ahead to avoid possible tragedies.

Wedding Planning

(3). Lighten Your List

One of the easiest ways of lightening your budget is to lighten your list. Keep in mind that about half of all your wedding expenses will be for wining and dining the guests. If you can cut your guest list in half you will cut your expenses in half. Let’s say your costs added up to $100 a person, then eliminating 10 guests or more can save you a thousand dollars. That’s a nice chunk of money.

(4). Create a Meal Plan

Remember that you have to feed your wedding crew as well as your guests. Before signing any contracts, be sure you aren’t required to server your crew the same meal as your guests. If so, you may be paying for an additional 20 lobster tails. You should have the option of feeding the crew something a bit less expensive.

(4). Always Leave Room in Your Budget

A wedding budget should try to follow this formula –

a.— 48% to 50% goes toward the reception.
b.— 8% to 10% should be for flowers.
c.— 8% to 10% for clothing.
d.—8% to 10% for music/entertainment.
e.—-8% for miscellaneous expenses.
f.—10% to 12% goes for photos/video.
g.—2% to 3% for invitations.
h.—2% to 3% for gifts.

and it’s always wise to keep back 5% to 10% for any surprise expenses that may arise during the event. You have to allow for mistakes, miscalculations, and unexpected circumstances.

(5). Wait for Your Date

There are times when your last-minute planning may work for you rather than against you. Most people try to book their wedding venues around 6 months in advance. If you call for open dates around 2 months before your desired date, it can save you as much as 25%. You can also save by planning a Friday or Sunday wedding (up to 30% less than Saturday bookings).

(6). Prepare Yourself for Rejection

As a rule you’ll find that around 30% of the people invited will not attend. Life just works that way. You choice of location plays a part in it along with the lives and schedules of the people you invited. A destination wedding will be harder for some people to attend and out-of-towners may always find the circumstances are beyond their control.

(7). Prioritize Your Guests

You should try to pare down your list using the old ‘tiers of priority’ method.

(8). Stress Less

You heard it right, stop stressing!Meditation and Yoga are great ways of combating stress. You can visit yoga studios in Melbourne and learn some great exercises that can help prepare your for your wedding day. You may even find a yoga centre close to your wedding venue so you can have a session before getting to your wedding destination.

(9). Clear Your Head

I don’t mean simply get some fresh air.  Some people need a little help to kick a habit like this and I highly recommend Neuro Linguistics practitioners. On your wedding day you want to be as prepared as possible so take all the wedding help you can get.

If you are hooked on any type of medications you can get help from an addiction rehab facility or an out-patient program. Nobody wants to blow it on their wedding day.

(10). Find the Right Venue

You can search your wedding venue directory Melbourne to find the best place to hold our wedding. There are plenty of bridal directories Melbourne to glean information from. This is a crucial part of your planning and everything else needs to be keyed toward your venue. Your venue should reflect your theme if possible and that carries over to your food menu. You want everything built around your venue as much as you can to make it more authentic and beautiful.

(11). Schedule Your Setup

If you rent a venue and bring in some inside help, see what time people will be able to start setting up. You must have ample time to get set up. Preston Bailey who is the author of what is known as ‘Preston Bailey’s Fantasy Weddings’ highly recommends setting up the day before if at all possible.

(12). Help Your Guests to Pay Attention

Be sure all of your guests are able to see and hear from where they’re seated. If you have anyone seated as far as 15 rows back you should consider renting a microphone and a riser.

These tips should be a lot of help to you, especially if you’re planning your first wedding ever. Be sure to check the bridal directories Melbourne and the wedding venue directory Melbourne to get you started out on the right foot.

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