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Tips for Indian Grooms to Select an Ideal Wedding Sherwani

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Indian grooms wear sherwani on their wedding. It is a traditional groom outfit. The dress makes the groom look classy, but wrong choice can ruin your appearance in wedding videos and photos. If the groom is on heavy side then the chosen attire needs to make him look stunning without grabbing attention towards his problematic areas.

Tips for grooms to look stunning on his wedding day

Avoid low quality fabric

It looks cheap and gives a feel of awkwardness on the special day. As you are the center of attraction then everyone will evaluate you critically. You must make a sauve and classy impression. Your fiancée will possibly be wearing a beautiful and stunning silk lehenga. With low grade sherwani, the groom will appear too pathetic.

Color must not clash with fiancées lehenga

Make sure to take her along, when you shop for wedding sherwani. Colors both choose for their outfits need to complement one another. The colors of couple’s wedding outfits must not clash because your wedding pictures will look horrible. Wedding photographs are memories, which are savored for life.

Color need to suit you also

Besides avoiding clashing colors groom needs to ensure that the color chosen is ideal for his body type and skin tone.  For a groom on heavy side large prints or embroidered sherwani is not recommended. If groom is slim then small printed sherwani with dark colors is unsuitable. Avoid buying sherwani, which doesn’t complement you.

Wrong fit

Sherwani that does not fit you is the worst thing. Make sure to look for designs that suit your body type. Improper fitting clothes can make you appear short or fat that you really are. Even the pattern needs to suit you. Wrong fit will make you uncomfortable. Wearing an unfit sherwani will disturb your concentration and you will be unable to enjoy the celebrations and rituals.

Select right embellishments

Grooms with bulging belly must avoid embroidery near midriff portion. Embroidery and embellishments highlight your problematic area and attracts eyes to that section. That section gets visible first, which is undesired. Same suggestion goes for other problematic body areas, which needs to be kept away from drawing eyes. Printed or plain Sherwani for men designed from velvet or silk material can make grooms on heavy side look more graceful.

Choose thick fabric

Traditional wear designed from raw silk and thick velvet will make the groom look royal and rich. It gives a straight fit for grooms on heavy side. It helps to hide their curvy body parts and camouflage those bulges.

Select lowers with care

People with heavy and short legs choosing pants to wear under heavy sherwani will look short and loaded. Instead they need to pair it with dhotis or ankle length lungis. It will give them slim and tall overall effect.

Choose right accessories

Subtle accessories with graceful headgear makes a groom look elegant. Large headgear can make you appear broad and stout. Look elegant and allow your bride to look bling and glittery. Pearl malas are ideal for groom with long neck and shaped chest. Make sure to wear mojris that blend with your sherwani making you look leaner.

Simplicity takes backseat. Select a sherwani, which appeals visually making you look special.  

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