Three Tips for Finding a Commercial Photographer

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If your business needs to have new images for its website or print advertising, then you will need to find a commercial photographer. Commercial photographers specialise in making products look their best or helping businesses convey their messages with imagery. Here are three tips to help you find a commercial photography studio.

Determine Needs

Many photographers specialise in multiple areas, including commercial and portrait photography. However, you will need someone who specialises in the type of images you need, which could involve outdoor photography, interior shots, advertising images, or action photography. When searching for photographers, examine their websites or contact them to discuss the images you need to find out if they can provide those shots.

Consult with Candidates

When you find commercial photographers in Stafford, meet with them in person to examine portfolios and to see if you could work with them. If there are others within your company who will work with the photographer, include them in the consultations. Since you will be working closely with them, it is important to find someone with whom you get along with and who can professionally communicate his or her ideas.

Examine Portfolios

Although most photographers display images on their websites, ask to see their portfolio books. This allows you to examine the original images and study the quality of the photography. Carefully examine the photos for creativity and composition of the images and study the use of lighting and props to see how they made otherwise boring shots into something inventive and interesting.

While you can hire a photographer each time you need a project completed, if your business issues calendars or catalogues, consider contracting a photographer for those projects. As the photographer becomes acquainted with your company and its products or services, the quality will be better and the images will represent your company more effectively.


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