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Things to Remember When Choosing a Wedding Planner

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Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful and daunting tasks for the to-be-married couple. The bride and groom who already has to prepare for the new responsibilities and challenges that will be coming their way as they step into a new life are loaded with an additional burden of pulling off a wedding. Interestingly, it is also one of the most anticipated, joyful and dreamy events of one’s life.

Most brides have dreams and plan to have extravagant fairytale weddings that are attended by a large number of friends and family. Unfortunately, planning a wedding is an enormous task that includes arranging, venue, catering services, decorations, outfits, stylists, guest invitations and wedding favors, and a lot of other things. It is mentally, physically and financially taxing and therefore, it is often advised to hire a wedding planner.

If you are planning to DIY your wedding planning and not taking the wedding planner route, it is strongly recommended not to do so, especially if you have other duties to take care of. Contrary to popular opinion, a good wedding planner can get you better deals and help you save on a lot of money, time and energy that you would invest otherwise. If you have already decided that you will be hiring a wedding planner, then the next big task is to how to ensure that your wedding planner is a good one.

Understand the Difference between Wedding Planner and Wedding Coordinator

Although many freelance event planners use the two terms interchangeably, it is important to remember that a wedding planner is not the same as a wedding coordinator. Educate yourself about who you are dealing with and what you are paying for. A good wedding planning company will help you plan your wedding right from scratch and will take a significant chunk of the burden off your shoulders. They will sit with you and prove you with consultations, and you can work out a mutually agreed plan. If you have an idea or theme in mind, your wedding planner will help you organize and execute it.

In contrast, a wedding coordinator will not do all that for you. When you are hiring a wedding coordinator, you will necessarily have to plan and organize everything in your own, and your wedding coordinator will only be your manager. A coordinator makes sure that everything is on point and in order as per the plan and nothing is left out. That said, the initial planning and execution still need to be done by you.

Trust is Important

When you are hiring someone to plan your wedding, it is essential that you are mentally at peace with trust level you shared with your wedding planner. There is no point in paying money to someone to take care of your wedding plans when you still have to fret about arrangements not being done the way you expected. Therefore, it is essential to do your research in advance. Hire someone who has a reliable reference. Check testimonials and client reviews along with a portfolio of previous work. Once you have hired someone, read the terms and conditions of your agreement and then let him take the lead.

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