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The Best Drinks And Dishes To Serve On Your Wedding Day

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A wedding does not need choreographed dance routines, fireworks or elaborate slideshows, although they are fantastic perks if you want to include them in your plans. What the occasion always calls for is great food and plenty of drinks to keep your guests happy.   

  1. For The Cocktail Hour

While the reception area is being set-up for dinner, your guests will flock straight to the bar to grab a refreshing drink and the occasional bite of finger-food to tide them over until the first course reaches their plate. Make a wonderful impression right off the bat by offering them signature drink recipes alongside the regular list of wine, beer and classic cocktails — these can specifically be made to honour your union by including your favourite spirits, flavours, colours and garnishes. For an interesting twist, you should make your partner’s recipe and they can make yours with the help of a bartender. Here is a list of ingredient ideas that can stand in for descriptive personality traits in your recipes:

  • For someone who is sweet, use simple syrup
  • For someone who is fiery, use a dash of hot sauce
  • For someone who is cool, use a sprig of mint
  • For someone who is bubbly, use champagne

2. For The Reception

To make the night spectacular, find the best wedding caterer that can provide tasty high-quality dishes without having an intimidating menu — remember that you will have children and picky eaters that won’t be excited by items that are too out of the box. Choose a Toronto catering company that has a lighthearted and playful attitude about cuisine, while maintaining an impeccable professional reputation. The Toronto wedding caterers The Food Dudes would be an excellent choice because they put out accessible and delectable plates like Kentucky fried eggplant and strawberry rhubarb crumble. They can also help you plan out the fun reception ideas of outdoor food trucks or food stations for savory dishes and enchanting sweets like liquid nitrogen popcorn, ice cream cookie sandwiches and build your own S’Mores.

3.  For Going Home

A lot of wedding favours are nice ideas in theory, but most attendees will not use personalized glasses, keychains, magnets or buttons that you put on their tables. As an easy alternative, send them home with edible wedding favours like containers of honey, French macarons, artisanal marshmallows or intricate cookies. If you want to send them home with a sweet treat, one of the top things you will want to do at your wedding is offer to-go boxes or takeout containers so that your guests can bring a piece of cake home with them.

The quickest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, so you can make a lovely impression on your guests by giving them lots of delicious appetizers, entrees, desserts and snacks during your reception. They will be impressed and positively stuffed after they eat their way through the veritable feast.

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