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Some Tips for Wedding Hairstyles

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As a bride, your wedding day is one of your most important days, so a beautiful and flattering hairstyle is a must. Below are some tips for a successful wedding day hairdo.

The time of day and type of wedding are two major items to take into consideration. A daytime wedding can be more casual and less elegant with loose styles, while a fancy updo is more fitting for an evening or formal wedding.

For long hair, curls, whether soft flowing or wispy ringlets, add a classic look to the bride’s appearance. Gel or mousse can help in achieving and maintaining this look.

For a modern and exaggerated look, the bride may choose to straighten her hair and add a severe part down the middle.

For a sweet, romantic look, pull the sides back and fasten them with a barrette covered with flowers matching the bouquets. This look draws attention to the bride’s facial features. Similarly, long flowing tresses with the bride’s bangs pulled back to accentuate the bride’s face, especially her eyes.

A shag makes the bride’s neck look longer and works well with a dress with a low rounded bodice. The shag also gives the appearance of a thin face.

Your headpiece and veil will be the determining factors for your hairstyle. Be sure to bring these items to your salon appointment.

Use a stylist you trust and are comfortable with and have used before. This isn’t the time to try someone new.

Make two appointments, one about a month before your wedding for a “test run” and one for the day of your big event.

Be sure your stylist allows extra time for your appointment. Similarly, ask for the best time of day for an appointment that will coordinate with the time of your wedding. A stylist who is tired and exhausted is less likely to do the perfect job you require.

If possible, it helps to go to a salon that also conveniently does makeup and nails.

Be sure you don’t change your hairdo right before your wedding. It’s better to change it at least six months prior if you are going to change it at all.

If you are getting a haircut, have it done about two weeks before your wedding day for the best results.

If you are planning to have your hair colored, it will look best within two weeks of being colored. Similarly, a perm looks the best within a month.

Stick to classic, sleek styles for a winning hairdo.

Find a fitting hairstyle for the shape of your face and the style of your gown. Some hairstylists suggest you do this before you even purchase a single accessory.

Loop longer hair around your fingers and use hairpins to create an array of lovely pin curls.

For classic style, put your hair up in a French twist. For an added touch, pull a small amount of hair from a few places to create a tousled look.

Certain hairstyles create certain effects in your favor. Ask your hairstylist which hairstyle they would recommend if you’d like to add inches to your height.

Use a crimping iron for long straight hair. An easy way to have an evenly crimped hairdo is to crimp a small section of hair at a time. Pin up the remainder of your hair for the ease of keeping it out of your way. For a sharper tighter crimp, use smaller sections; likewise, for a less dramatic effect, use larger sections.

Be sure whatever style you choose is wearable for a long amount of time. You don’t want to choose a hairdo with hair accessories poking into your head.

Decorate your hair with jewels, butterfly clips, or other hair ornaments for a beautiful effect.

A bun fringed with fresh flowers creates a formal look.

Wind fresh ivy through your hair for a creative look.

Place poinsettias in an updo for a winter wedding.

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