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Preserving and Cleaning Your Wedding Dress

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The summer wedding season is now in full effect.  The many spectacular backdrops in and around Vancouver, BC make for wonderful wedding memories.  After the big day, it is so important to get your wedding dress professionally cleaned by an experienced, ecofriendly dry cleaning alternative company so that it can be preserved and cherished.  We would like to offer the following advice on how to preserve and clean your wedding dress.

Initial Inspection and Discussion

We know how much your wedding dress means to you.  That is why we treat each of your customers as individuals and have an in-depth discussion to explain each cleaning step in detail.  We also do a detailed inspection of each dress to make sure that any stained area or area of discoloration is given extra care.

Here’s the Deal:

By paying attention to detail, we cannot only provide full customer satisfaction, but we can also keep your wedding dress in pristine condition for generations to come.

The Eco-Friendly Difference

Our eco-friendly cleaning approach is guaranteed to leave no chemical residue on your dress.  Instead of harmful chemicals such as PERC, we use a specially designed wet cleaning program that is gentle enough to ensure that even the most delicate of beading or lace will not be damaged.  Our cleaning method is:

  • Environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable.
  • Chemical and solvent free.
  • Guaranteed to leave your clothes brighter, softer, fresher and free of all chemical smells.

Packaging and Boxing

Once your wedding dress has been thoroughly cleaned, we also ensure that it is properly packaged to keep it looking like new for years to come.  We package all our wedding dresses in an acid-free paper to prevent yellowing and to help maintain your dress’s original colour.

Ecofriendly Dry Cleaning Alternative is Better

We know how busy things can get after a wedding, with a honeymoon to plan and the beginning of a new chapter in life can leave little time for trivial matters such as picking up your wedding dress.  This is why it’s important to find a cleaner who offers free pick-up and delivery service.

We suggest that you book an initial consultation to discuss the entire cleaning and preservation process and to identify any problem areas or stains that are on your wedding dress.  You should receive a timeline for when you will be called for a final inspection.

We know that your wedding dress is symbolic of the most important day of your life.  Choose a company that treats every wedding dress with the special care it deserves and maintains and preserves the beauty and essence of your dress.

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