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How to Prepare a Successful Wedding in Vail and Aspen

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Known for its skiing destinations, hiking spots, and breathtaking views, Vail and Aspen are not only seen as places for adventurous tourists but are also considered as an ideal spot for couples ready to tie the knot. Weddings in Vail and Aspen can be really spectacular. With the fine slopes and great mountaintops peeking over, couples will certainly fall further in love with such a romantic view on their wedding day. While some couples may not fancy a mountain wedding, more and more couples are now thinking about  a wedding on top of a mountain. If you are one of the couples thinking about picking these areas as the chosen destination for the big event, here are great tips on how to organize the perfect wedding in Vail and Aspen:

  • Hire a Planner

Planning a wedding without a skillful backup to guide you will bring more stress than excitement. With a planner ready to prepare the details of the wedding, you will have enough time and a clear mind to decide on what you really want. Planners are there to help you with the preparations, so don’t hesitate to share all the expectations you have for the wedding. They can give the best tips on what to wear, what to bring, and what needs to be considered in general. Having a planner will definitely save you so much time, effort, and money.

  • Decide on a Budget

Since you are picking Vail or Aspen as your wedding location, it is best that you decide on a budget that would accommodate the venue, food, and other services that these places offer. Wedding planners know well how to balance out the budget.  It is highly suggested to specifically choose a location by this time before setting a budget.

  • Know the Weather

Being wed with a spectacular view just right around the edge of the altar is certainly unforgettable, but not with bad weather destroying your important day.  It’s good to prepare both outdoor and indoor locations.

  • Consider the Altitude and the Terrain

Not all of your guests will be able to adjust to the altitude changes and the terrain, so provide transportation and oxygen containers for emergencies. Also, it would be smart to inform guests beforehand so that they’ll know what to expect and what to bring. It’s suggested that they bring or you provide them with water, sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrellas, and flat shoes.

  • Take Advantage of the View

In a mountain wedding, you don’t necessarily have to bombard your venue with too many frills and flowers. Rather, just add a touch of decor to reinforce your wedding theme. Let the natural wonders of the area do the work for you. Instead, why not spend it on a photo booth or on some fun activities that guests can truly enjoy.

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