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Pre-Wedding Photo Ideas

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Most people will hire a professional photographer to take photos of their wedding day itself, but did you know that these photographers are also on hire to take some pre-wedding snaps? These are a set of photos of the couple alone, in romantic or otherwise visually stunning locations. The photos serve more as artwork rather than a visual representation of the events of your wedding day. The key is finding not only a good photographer, but also a place that will result in great photos. Here are some ideas around Sydney:

  • Martin Place, Sydney CBD

Full of laneway art, Martin Place gives a unique Sydney feel to your wedding photos. It is located just off Ash Street in Sydney CBD.

  • The Rocks

This area, particularly around Argyle Street, is full of wide streets and interesting architecture that create great images to pose next to. There are historic pubs, houses, and fascinating alleyways for your Sydney wedding photos.

  • The Royal Botanic Gardens

At the Domain in the CBD, the Botanic Gardens are a preferred choice amongst couples looking for happy shots during the summer months. There are so many different areas to take photos, including lawns, ponds, and fountains.

  • Sydney Harbour National Park

The usual choice is to take photos on the southern side of the bridge, but going the other side on Bradley’s Head Amphitheatre is also a great choice. It creates a very dramatic setting.

  • Watsons Bay

There are heaps of photo opportunities here in the Eastern Suburbs. Not only the sandy beach, but also rugged cliffs, piers, and views back towards Sydney Harbour. This spot is also a popular choice for sunset shots.

Chapel Hill Retreat

Located in the foothills of the Blue Mountains, this chapel offers a gorgeous garden setting with plenty of opportunity for a variety of poses around the grounds. A photo looks great here in any of the four seasons.

  • Cockle Bay

Located in Darling Harbour, this location is a great option if it’s raining. Sometimes we set out on the day to take photos and the weather just isn’t right, but luckily there are some bright and spacious indoors options, such as the clean and modern architectural style at Cockle Bay.

  • The Dendy Cinema

This is another great indoors location. The black and white chequered floor creates a stunning visual effect against the bride and groom, who are usually wearing black and white clothing. Located at Circular Quay.

  • Hyde Park

Another great parkland option with several different spaces to take pre-wedding photos and it is right in the heart of the CBD. Here, there are 16 hectares of vegetation, plus decorative features such as street lamps and benches.

  • Luna Park

This is often a favourite location for wedding couples as it creates a sense of fun. There are so many colouful features at the amusement park that make intricate and interesting wedding photos.

Choosing the Right Location

Taking a set of pre-wedding photos can really be a lot of fun, and certainly a nice memory to look back on. There are hundreds of great locations all over Sydney, whether you’re looking for an outdoor or indoor setting, beach or garden, or going for some of the famous monuments in the background. You should discuss with your wedding photographer your particular ideas for pre-wedding photo shoots and they will be able to make this happen.

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