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Knowing the difference in handbag types and how to wear them is not an all together overwhelming experience. It is a state of mind that anyone who loves to shop for and wear these accessories should never shy away from. Surely, there is room on the fashion rainbow for all of us to enjoy our own personal style and flare. However, a basic knowledge of the staples in handbags that are on the market and just a few pointers couldn’t hurt the ego of those who don’t mind the occasional fashion tip.

A Handful of Styles to Choose From

There just about half a dozen different basic styles to choose from when it comes to the subject of which handbag goes with what occasion and looks good on the wearer. The satchel is a good place to start a list of handbags included in the healthy wardrobe ensemble. Many bag lovers go for this style of bag because it works for them in various situations. For one, it is perfect for work as many satchels have several compartments that accommodate a plethora of items.

The Stylish Satchel

As for getting the best use of a satchel, it is essential that the wearer understands the concept of size matters. In other words, a petite frame should avoid carrying a larger bag and those individuals with taller or more broad frames should avoid small bags. For the everyday and business use, it is traditional to choose a darker color. Black, tan, brown, or even a navy blue are all colors that are highly recommended for it the workday. The reason is as simple as brighter colors such as white or beige will show scuff marks and something like red might draw too much attention during the work day.

The Advantages of the Clutch

For the light and easy day, many handbag aficionados go with the clutch, because it’s fun to travel with. This also means that there’s less of a chance of leaving it behind, as it can often stay right in the hand easily or be placed out of the the way and reached at leisure. Another fun aspect to the hand clutch is that because of its relatively diminutive size color and pattern do not matter as much. This means that a clutch can go with many different outfits easily without distracting from them. It also means that the wearer’s body type really doesn’t play into whether it looks good or not. As needed, clutches and satchels can work together seamlessly as one should fit into the other naturally. If you’re finding that your clutch kind of crowds your satchel, it may be time to readjust the proportions of your handbags so that one bag fits your waist and the other fits in it all comfortably.

Cross Body Styles Bring Freedom

When it comes to pure comfort of movement, the cross body bag is a tough contender to beat. With the cross-body bag, you can have a blend of function and form. A bag of this type is sure to have a strong sturdy strap that goes across the shoulder and a flap to the front portion to it. Naturally since personal balance will guide you to the right size of this type of handbag, it is something like a blend of a satchel in the clutch. It’s big enough to carry things. But at the same time, it’s designed to be small and maneuverable.

A Good Evening Clutch

It’s true. There are times when a handbag has more than one function, and its primary purpose is to act as an accessory. It is at these times the evening clutch suffices as the go-to bag to set the right outfit aglow. However, there is one bit of advice when choosing an evening clutch that proves smart to follow. Savvy handbag owners realize that huge or bulky name brands stenciled across a bag can often date it, so they are not always needed or welcome.

The Strong Straw Basket

For the outdoorsy occasion or even backyard BBQ locations, the straw basket is a perfect choice for showing up in style without being afraid to have a little fun and get a little life on you. These type of handbags are generally understood as carryalls and they really live for fun venues such as a picnic in Central Park or any place where the fun and unexpected mishap may happen. So, it’s okay with the straw basket if someone bumps into your bag with a heavily-mustarded bratwurst or a friend brings their family dog who may jump up to see you. Life happens. Get a little dust on the straw basket. For this kind of handbag, the action can set the mood for style, and tone as well as size. If you’re going to see a concert on the green, take a larger one to hold a blanket. If you’re coming over to babysit your niece and maybe take her for a walk or something like that, a smaller straw bag might be more appropriate.

Some Basic Rules to Follow

But really, the simple fact is no matter what bag you choose you look like a million bucks if you know how to wear it right. To this end, there are a few tried-and-true tips that handbag owners should know, share and live by in an everyday code. As a fun rule of thumb, but certainly not a hard and fast one, a handbag should compliment a body type by being its opposite to a degree. As a general rule of practice, the bottom of a well-suited bag hangs somewhere in the mid-torso to the waist. Another simple rule to remember is that a bag matches the color of your shoes and belt or should blend well between the three, if applicable. When deciding on the right handbag for you, no matter what the style and size, the material needs to be of good quality and the design has to be flawless as well.

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