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Newly Wed? Here’s How to Celebrate Your One-Year Anniversary in Style

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It’s hard to imagine that it’s been a whole year since you walked down the aisle and into the arms of your beloved. From the dizzying highs of always having your best friend by your side to the lows of your first argument as a married couple, it’s probably been quite a year!

Now it’s time to celebrate all the hurdles you’ve conquered and memories you’ve made with an awesome anniversary celebration. Not sure where to start? No problem. Take a look at these tips for celebrating your first anniversary in style.

  1. Give a Traditional Milestone Gift 

A daunting part of celebrating your first anniversary is knowing what kind of gift to give. You don’t want to go too over the top, but you also don’t want to downplay this very special day. For a gift that is both sentimental and as plain or ornate as you’d like it to be, opt for an anniversary milestone gift.

First anniversaries are traditionally represented by paper, which symbolises both the fragile nature of new marriage and the idea that you’ve got a blank slate to fill. A cute, corresponding gift could be a diary for you both to fill in with couple memories or perhaps a framed version of your wedding vows. For more milestone anniversary gifts by year, peruse this compilation of gift ideas.

  1. Visit Important Places in Your Relationship 

What better way to spend your one-year anniversary than to revisit all the places that brought you together?

Plan a day out that starts at the place you had your first date and ends with a picnic of wine and cheese at your wedding venue (or somewhere similar if not possible). As you visit each special site, quiz each other on your favourite moments from those occasions. For added fun, recreate a goofy version of any photos you took the first time around. Remember to finish with a toast and a promise that you’ll continue to let your love grow with every year.

  1. Act Like Singles 

It may sound silly, but a little roleplaying can be a great way to turn up the heat on your anniversary.

For a date night that neither of you will forget, go out for dinner together and act as though you’ve never met before. This will give you a chance to be flirty and a little daring, like you probably were during your courtship. It’ll also encourage you to ask questions to your spouse and really listen to their answers.

For a perfect end to the evening, finish things off by trying something new and exciting in the bedroom. There’s something a little naughty about doing it after only one date — harness that feeling and let your inhibitions fall away.

  1. Make a Vision Board 

Part of a strong marriage is communication. Spend your anniversary making plans and selecting goals to work towards as a couple.

You can do this by buying a springboard and printing off images from the internet that inspire you, whether they’re related to work, kids, travel or interior design. Together, over a sumptuous platter of cheese and nibbles (don’t forget the wine), make a collage of these pictures that you can hang in your house. Not only will this cute activity help you both stay on the same page, but according to studies, it may actually help you realise your goals sooner.  

Your first anniversary will set the tone for the second year of your marriage. So, make sure you set yourself up for a loving and harmonious twelve months by celebrating your anniversary in style.


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