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Let’s Plan An Eco Friendly Indian Wedding!

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A wedding is a prosperous start of a new life! And since you are pushing new establishments of your life why not do the same in an eco-friendly style. The fact states that just an Indian wedding reception harms the whole environment. Whether we talk about the fireworks or wastage of flowers in the wedding, somewhere the pain of environment is neglected behind the smiles of the couple.

But this time, let’s work on eco friendly wedding where environment is as happy as the couple getting married. In fact, many couples who are driving towards eco friendly inspired weddings are also showering the same message on their invitation video of the wedding too!

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How to plan an eco friendly wedding?

  • Eco friendly invitations

While planning a wedding, one of the biggest brainstorming activities is selecting wedding card. Well, how about an online invitation this time? Not only does it follow eco friendly wedding theme, but you will be saving lot of time and paper for your wedding invite. As a matter of fact, wedding invitation video sent personally to everyone is one of the popular choices of planning an eco friendly wedding.

  • Eco friendly venue

While browsing a venue for your wedding, it is important to authenticate the venue as eco-friendly certified. Speaking of wedding destination hotels and resorts, most of them are certified under environment friendly conditions as regulated by Government. So before you approve the quotation, make sure you ask for LEED certifications from the destination you choose.

  • No Wastage

Whether it’s the decoration or food you are concerned about; both the elements play an important role in saving environment from toxic substances. Throwing flowers and decoration after the wedding is over affects the environment really bad! So make sure you are not wasting the decoration, rather choose the recyclable decorations items. The same is true for food as well. Make sure you are not throwing left out food on the street or garden!

  • No Fireworks

Who doesn’t like the sound and lighting of fireworks on the day of their wedding! Well, environment doesn’t! Fireworks in the air pollutes environment with toxic gases and substances. And talking of the noise while lighting fireworks, it affects the hearing ability of animals and birds too! So let’s not waste your money and time on fireworks this time and plan an eco friendly wedding which is safe for both flora and fauna.

  • No Loud Music

Loud music is not only annoying to the neighbors, but to the environment too! Too loud music can affect your environment badly! So this time why not sing along with all your family members in your wedding rather than putting on loud music! As a matter of fact, in most Indian weddings, loud music is just playing on the side while every other guest is just busy enjoying the dinner at the reception.

So pen down these amazing ideas of organizing an eco friendly wedding while you go on and select different elements and venues for your special day! An eco friendly wedding is a perfect gift that you can present to your environment while initiating a beautiful start of your life.

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