Importance of an Engagement Ring

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An engagement ring is one of the very important aspects of a marriage. It shows that the woman is engaged to someone and she is now committed to marrying that man. It is also a symbol of love between a woman and her man. The custom of giving engagement rings has been around since time immemorial.

It is said that the tradition was probably started in Egypt where men used to make thread rings from tree fibers and presented them to their ladies as a token of love and commitment. But many inscriptions detail that the tradition was started in India where both men and women used to receive rings and other types of jewelry adornments as the token of confirmed engagement.

Whatever the history states, one thing was common in every era that engagement baubles were the symbol of forever bonding and it was given to the one who was considered the most suitable to a person for spending the rest of his/her life.

The significance of an engagement ring may differ for each couple and in each culture. In Western countries like the USA, the UK, a man gives a ring to the lady he wants to marry. Once the lady accepts the ring both are betrothed till the wedding. At the time of the wedding, the woman received another ring that signifies that the lady is married. A man also receives a wedding ring for the same expression.

In many cultures of the world, both men and women receive engagement rings to symbolize a strong and lasting relationship.

An engagement ring is merely not precious bling to show off the status but it is an expression of understated love, care, trust, and passion a couple of shares. It is a promise of being together today tomorrow and forever.

There are different kinds of engagement rings. Evolved from a simple fiber band to an iron ring and then gold and later precious gemstone rings, engagement rings today are very much changed from the former once.

Diamond engagement rings in a course of time became the traditional option but in every era and with constantly changing trends and gradual development, engagement baubles became an opulent choice to express the heartiest feelings.

Sapphire, emeralds, rubies, and other sparkling gems are the other non-traditional selections people love when it comes to choosing an engagement band.

All these gemstones have their own signs and symbols which give a language to a proposal. These days, choosing a ring doesn’t only depend on the size of the center rock but the design, pattern, accent stones, metal settings, and a lot of other things together add value to it.

It is since centuries that when a man wants to propose his love, he tries to figure out the best possible engagement ring which could whisper about his emotions and sentiments and would reflect his true and serious feelings to her. Now with the likings of colored gemstones for being unique, mystical, and symbolic, people are inclining towards diamond options.

With so much in hand, selecting an engagement ring shows how a person looks at his/her future relationship. As people pour their hopes, aspirations, and emotions into a ring, it naturally becomes a vital part of the entire story.

It is good to put an engagement ring at the front end but the highest and the most important part of the complete spectrum is the individual who puts his feeling into it. The one who commits to being faithful, loving, caring, trustworthy, and sincere about the relation, and love is the center of a lasting relation.

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