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How To Save On Your Wedding And Still Make It Amazing!

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The average cost of a wedding in this country is (yikes!) over $25,000, and the average couple spends (double yikes!) over $19,000.

The good news, though, is you can still have a stylish event while doing it for under $10,000.

Here are some suggestions from Wedding Sparklers Outlet who adds, well, sparkle to your big day. The founder, Libba, of the original Wedding Sparklers got the idea for the  company when a transformer blew at her own wedding.  Rather than having all the guests sit in the dark, she had each one hold a sparkler.


This is the first thing everyone will see about your wedding day so it has to be amazing, but Invitations don’t necessarily have to be bought from a store to be beautiful.

You can easily make them yourself.

Making your own invitations will give the recipients the feeling you truly care whether or not they attend. Every wedding has its own style, be it modern, rustic, bohemian or something else. Be sure to make certain that your invitations properly represent your style, and then make them yourself.

Using the Family Gown

Every family has one in the house, in an attic, or in a storage building– the antique bride’s dress.

If you want to do something that will add meaning to your big day while saving money, ask to use that old dress, but only if you like the style of the dress and if it fits in with the theme of your wedding. don’t wear something you hate on your day because you only get to do this once. Can you imagine, though, how much fun it will be for your mother or grandmother to see you put on their old dress and head down the aisle?

Find an Artistic Person Who Has Extra Time

You surely know someone in your community who loves to design unique things. See if this crafty person would give you a break on doing centerpieces, signage, or tags, like this one. This could not only be fun-and add that personal touch that people love so much–but it could also be much cheaper than hiring someone to professionally assist with your plans.


Know someone who’s a talented baker? Who’s baked goods are as delectable as they are gorgeous? Maybe they can make your wedding cake. Decorate it with sparklers. We suggest a number sparkler so you can create the month, day and year of your day.

Bridesmaid Gifts

You will have to find a gift for everyone who helped with your wedding to let them know you appreciated their time and effort, and they can add up to costing hundreds or thousands of dollars. One thing few people think of doing for these gifts is trying to find online deals months in advance. You should never give anyone a cheap thank you gift, but you can find some things that are great quality for a lower price. If you are a very crafty person yourself, consider making them something incredible. A homemade gift always has a lot of love behind it.

Finally, consider the days and times you plan to have your reception. For less costly times consider Friday evening, Sunday morning (gaining in popularity) and the months December through March.

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