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How to Organise Your Own Hen Party

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Similar to the stag party, hen parties are often seen as the last throws of singlehood before a life of marriage. For this reason, they have the tendency to get a little wild every now and again. Depending on who your friends are, some parties are often much wilder than others.

If this sounds like you and you would like to mitigate the chances of experiencing a night you’d rather forget, have a go at organising your own party.

  1. Pick a Date

Pick a date as soon as possible. This can be as soon as you’re engaged or as soon as you’ve set the date for the big day.

Sufficient notice is the name of the game here as your friends will need as much time as possible to plan for your night and make sure they can get the time of work if required. It also helps if you need to hire a venue to hold your party.

  1. Pick a Venue

Your job is to figure out where you would like your party to take place. This may involve a different city or even country so think long and hard on whether everyone you want to be there will be able to attend.

If you’re staying local, you may decide that you would rather just turn up at a few bars or clubs and see where your night takes you.

  1. Decide Who’s Coming

It might be the case that there are people amongst your social circle who you would rather not be in attendance. If this is the case, simply let your fellow hens know that they need to keep the details of the event to themselves.

 You could even go one step further by producing and sending out invitations, another great way to make sure only selected people turn up.

  1. Watch the Budget

The costs for a hen party can quickly add up, especially if hired venues and travel is involved. You should have a budget in mind so make sure you stick to it.

You will also need to decide whether your guests will be paying for their own share of the entertainment or whether you’re going to fund the lot. Whatever you decide, make sure that all of your guests are in agreement.

  1. Enjoy Your Night

Hopefully your prior preparation has gone to plan and the night is everything that you expected it would be.

Keep the fun clean and wholesome and you’re sure to have a good night – just be prepared for all of those photos that are going to surface at some point in the days and weeks after the party.

Hire the Professionals

If all off the above sounds like too much hard work, feel free to hire some help. Entire nights out and function rooms can be arranged for you so simply pick up the phone and see what is available. A hen’s night in Melbourne can be catered to by several companies who are well versed in planning and arranging parties and nights out. There is sure to be something for every budget.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to have fun and the rest will fall into place.

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