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How Good Dancers Behave Differently and Succeed

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It is magical, but it is not magic. They are talented, but they were not born professionals.

There are certain things that a good dancer does differently than the talented but less than, extraordinary dancer. These are tips they learned from someone better than them and incorporated into their lives. This is how they grew.

So, let us give you a few tips to help you see the world of dance through their eyes. See if you have what it takes to become the best.

  • Take inventory of your surroundings

Every stage is different. The dancer learns every inch of their studio. They have a complete image in their “mind’s eye” They know the distance they have to turn, jump, and move. When they go to a new venue, the shape and size of the space in which they have to work are calculated.

Before a performance, go to the stage if possible. Take inventory of the area you will be given to perform in. This will maximize your comfort and control.

  • Floor, lighting, props, and distractions

Check the floor. Where are the markings? How will your shoes perform on the floor? (Always have rosin with you to treat your shoes if needed) Where are the props and what are they made of? Are there mirrors, objects that reflect light, and things that glow? The prepared dancer is not distracted by shadows and lights and items that could ruin their performance.

  • They never make excuses

The good dancer never makes excuses as to why they cannot practice. They never waste a practice. A high-quality practice is a valuable tool. A poor-quality practice is just another form of complaining and making excuses.

  • Dress appropriately

Take into account what you are doing and use your attire as a tool. If you are practicing, wear your dance attire made for that purpose.You need good quality dance tights and not having them is unacceptable. Keep a supply on hand by ordering from

If you are auditioning, resist the urge to try to “standout” in the crowd by wearing outlandish clothes. Instead, impress them with your talent and the fact that you know what to wear for every type of dance. Few ballerinas will get a part when they audition in hip-hop clothes.

  • Learn to listen to your body

A good dancer is in tune with his or her body. They understand that food is fuel, but the body needs different fuels for different demands placed upon it. If you are preparing for a long performance, you need protein and lots of it. But, if you have been performing for longer than expected, and you are running out of steam, you need some fast acting carbs. Know how to use food. Chocolate milk is a great instant refuel drink for times like that. Experts agree it is better for you than those expensive protein drinks. It gives you instant energy from the sugars and carbs and protein that rebuilds the muscles.

  • Take music seriously

This is critical. It is a huge part of your skill. If you do not know why you must do this, you will never reach your goal.

Other tips from the pros:

  • Strive to be the best
  • Tune out the haters
    • If someone is continually hating on you, put as much distance between you as possible.
  • Learn to dance without a partner
    • If you lean too much on a partner, he or she will become a crutch
  • Record yourself at practice and learn from your mistakes
  • Stay positive
    • Do not complain or walk around with a chip on your shoulder
    • Ignore insults
    • Find something you can use in every criticism

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