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How Do I Select a Really Great Wedding Cake Baker

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Next to the beautiful dress and the exotic honeymoon destination, the good old wedding cake has to one of the most important elements of planning a wedding. This ultimately means you will have to choose the perfect baker for the wedding cake.

Many brides have an idea of what type of cake they would like and how it should look and they should remember and keep in mind these ideas when selecting the cake baker. Naturally also, quality, reliability and price are also points to consider.


  • A number of brides will ask their family or friends for recommendations about wedding cakes.
  • The bride should be able to get good advice about wedding cakes in Melbourne, by doing a little research or asking people she knows.
  • It may be a good idea also to start thinking about the cake baker as soon as the date has been set for the wedding, or at least some months in advance.


  • The budget can be a primary concern for some people, but this may be somewhat detrimental.
  • Some shops, for example, might have wedding cakes on display, but the cakes themselves may not taste good and look like they come off of a conveyor belt!
  • However, there are a small number of others which do have decent bakeries and are renowned for producing good cakes at a reasonable price. Again, the bride needs to do some research in this area.
  • The budget will also be determined should the bride choose to have a groom’s cake, also.
  • Are two cakes affordable?


  • The quality is another benchmark for a cake.
  • The truth of the matter is that people will never forget three memorable things from any wedding:
  1. The bride’s looks
  2. What kind of music is played
  3. Is the cake worth talking about
  • One good sign of a top quality wedding cake baker is that free samples are given out and the taste adjusted accordingly.
  • If the idea is to purchase from a shop bakery, the soon to be wed couple should try a small cake from the bakery and see if they like the flavour.


  • Reliability is naturally going to be a huge concern also.
  • Can the baker be trusted enough to deliver the cake on time as requested and in perfect condition?


  • One more important issue is the contract with the baker, which should specify:
  • Exactly what cake is being ordered
  • The exact price (with delivery included)
  • How much deposit is to be put down
  • The precise date, time and venue of delivery.
  • The contract must also state what will happen if the baker is unable to follow through on any single part of the contract.
  • If anything does happen to go wrong, the contract will protect both the bride and the baker.

Think, budget, quality and reliability and everyone will be happy and make it a truly happy and memorable event!

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