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Getting a Court Marriage Is Pretty Complex

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Getting married can be the best possible way a couple can give shape to their love life. Marriage not only gives social recognition to a relationship but it is a wonderful feeling to be with the loved one. Sometimes due to the demand of circumstances, a marriage has to be done in court instead of an extravagant celebration. A court marriage involves a number of complexities and legal procedures and is certainly not something that can be considered to be very simple.

Getting a court marriage is pretty complex. A registered court marriage or more legally termed as a special marriage act can take place between any two native individuals or even one native and another foreign individual irrespective of caste, creed, and religion. Such a marriage takes place in front of the registrar of the marriage office and the cost of marriage is not very high and pretty much affordable. But the procedure has to be within legal boundaries.

Both the parties to begin with must file a joint application to the marriage officer and an individual affidavit by notary public specifying the age of the couple that has to be above 18 years. Along with this correct informations regarding marital status (divorced or unmarried, mental health status (in the fit state or unfit state of mind), place of residence as well. Along with the above documents the couple must provide the required age proof that can be in the form of a school leaving certificate, a pan card, or a driving license, and the application of a court wedding in general cases is supposed to be witnessed by three people at least.

The marriage registrar on receiving such an application a marriage officer issues a month notice regarding the marriage that is being intended and gets a notice affixed on the board outside his office and sends a copy of the notice to the marriage officer under the jurisdiction of which the other party lives Another copy is sent to the individual parties `addresses. After the expiry date of the notice, the couple and three witnesses are supposed to report to the marriage office and the officer declares them married. He provides the party with a marriage certificate that officially certifies them as married. There might be cases where a court marriage procedure might be hindered by objections. Objections might be raised due to certain reasons like age, marital status, and prohibited relationships (having blood relationships). It is always good to engage a lawyer to avoid complications. In most cases due to the absence of a lawyer parties have to go through harassment and exploitations.

Having proper documents and proofs of the requirements for a court marriage, things can get perfect and even more convenient than the traditional procedure leaving apart the cost-saving part of the marriage.

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