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Five Tips for Making Your Own Wedding Plans

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Hiring a wedding planner can be a good way to plan your wedding without needing to arrange all the details yourself. However, hiring a wedding planner can be costly, ranging from about $90 to $120 per hour depending on where you live. If you cannot afford to hire a wedding planner or you want to use the money for other services, such as a wedding photographer, there are ways to make planning your wedding easier.

Set a Budget

The first thing you should do before getting too involved with the wedding plans is set a budget so you know how much money you have to work with. It is easy to go into debt with a wedding because they can be very expensive. Calculate your fiancé’s and your finances, and consider how many months there are before the wedding date, to calculate how much money can be saved for the wedding budget.

Set the Guest Count

You don’t need to create a detailed guest list on the spot, but you should decide the size of your wedding to help finalise the budget. The number of guests on your list will influence the size of the venue, the cost of the food and beverages, and other costs associated with the guests. When you start considering who to invite, stick to the number set for the guest list to avoid going over budget.

Get Organised

To keep track of the wedding details, prepare a spreadsheet with vendors’ names, their services, the costs, and the final confirmations that they can provide services for your wedding as planned. You should also include the projected and final costs to stay-up-date with your budget and avoid going over it. Then, in a folder, organise any paperwork you have, such as receipts, copies of contracts, and RSVPs you get back from the guests you’ve invited.

Prioritise Services

Before calling vendors about costs for their services, sit down with your fiancé to determine which wedding details are “must haves.” If a wedding photographer is a priority, but a videographer isn’t, then make a note of that.

Go through the rest of your wedding details to decide which services you cannot do without and which are unnecessary. You may surprise yourself by what you and your beloved don’t need to have to make your wedding memorable.

Select Vendors Carefully

When you’re ready to start hiring vendors to provide services, be careful when you select them. Look for people with experience, but who can stay within your budget. When screening Byron Bay wedding photographers, carefully examine their portfolios, check references, and get referrals from recently married co-workers, friends, or neighbours. Put other vendors through the same scrutiny to find the best ones to provide the services you want.

Start planning your dream wedding as soon as you set the date so that there is plenty of time to arrange the details. By being organised and taking your time with the planning, you can prevent being stressed about getting everything done on time.


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