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Faking It for Eye Shadow

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Bored of the normal old eye shadow? Want to try something a little different? Well there are plenty of ways to experiment with your look these days, from coloured contacts, fake eye lashes, make up and extreme mascaras. With a little imagination you can revamp your eyes for many, many years to come! 

Fake eyelashes are an easy start. They come in all shapes and sizes, from long lengthening luscious lashes to crazy colourful creations. Anything you fancy, there will be a fake option out there for you.  Popular to myth, they are actually relatively easy to apply. Firstly, you will want to cut back the lashes to fit your eye lid, cutting back any excess from the inner edge. This will help the lashes hold to your eye better and stop you from being able to blink. Next, apply the glue along the application edge, wait for a few seconds for the glue to get super sticky. Then, gently fix the inner most part and then the rest of the lash will flow your lash line. Gently push the fake lashes down onto your own.  Hold them in place for a few seconds, allowing the glue to set. Repeat with the other eye, then wham bam thank you mam, you will have a set of stonking lashes. Team them with a swank suit, a fancy hairdo and some designer wrist bling from someone like Armani AX watches, and you’re the business babe ready to go!

Coloured contact lenses are great, but need a little more practice. If you have never worn contacts before, they do take a bit of getting used to. If you are worried about touching your eye, then maybe this fakey isn’t for you.  However, if you don’t have a problem, definitely go see your optician about getting a pair. There is a world of options. Don’t just settle for another shade of brown. You can get non natural colours as well as shapes, faces, flowers, cat eyes and stars, perfect for parties or occasions like Halloween! While it is fun to experiment with contacts; do not wear them for longer than 8 hours, as this can do damage to your eyes. Always wash your hands before and after handling them and store them in saline solution, not water.

For the most extreme of us, tattooed make up is an option. You can get semi-permanent options, so if fashion changes you have the option to change with it. Make sure you do proper research before committing to anything, as worst case scenario you could be left with permanent marks on your face. Whatever your poison, your eyes are a focal point – make the most of them!

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