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Designing Your Wedding Invitation Card

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From the fresh roses at the entrance to the decorations inside the hall, everything needs to be done in the best way.

However, one very important thing that you must focus on is the wedding invitation card. The wedding invitation card is designed to give a brief glimpse into the theme and décor of the event. The card should be printed on good quality paper, and you should use a legible font in order to ensure that people can read it easily. You can choose from traditional letterpress designs, or opt for bespoke laser cut invitations for your wedding card. Inspired Design wedding invitations are extremely popular amongst locals.

Selecting the Design

When it comes to selecting the design for your wedding invitation card, there are two options available: you can either select one of the many designs in the company’s selection, or create a custom design. If you choose the latter, the company’s designers will work with you and create a card that’s themed around your wedding. You will have to choose the background colour, the font colour and any patterns and designs that you want on the card.

Different wedding invitation cards open and close differently. Some cards are simply printed on one-sided cardboard paper and are slotted in an envelope, while others are bound by lace and carefully designed to look very delicate and stylish. There are plenty of different varieties for you to choose from, ranging from conventional letterpress wedding cards, lace wedding cards, and embossed invitations to DIY projects, verko invitation cards and beautiful photographic wedding cards. Obviously, the prices will vary depending upon the design of the wedding card you choose. More complex designs are obviously more expensive, so you will have to loosen the purse strings a bit.


It’s important to note that the colour and theme of the wedding card should fall in line with the theme of the wedding. Make sure you choose the right colours for the card so that the whole event follows a similar theme. For instance, if the wedding decorations are going to be relatively simple, you should opt for the traditional black and white hard cover wedding cards. However, if you are going for a more stylish decoration, you can choose from ivory and lace designs as well. You should ideally check out several designer wedding card shops and ask for quotes for different types of cards before making a decision.

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