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Creation of Elizabethan Wedding Dress

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There is nothing more romantic than a wedding. There is also no period that brings romance to mind other than the Elizabethan period. The time period just reeks of opulent beauty and elegance. You do not need to be planning a period wedding to invest in an Elizabethan dress, but by wearing one, you will create that aura by itself.

My daughter-in-law, Jessica, would not let me see her wedding dress. In fact, she would not let her own mother see the wedding dress before her wedding day. She was so secretive we gossiped that she was either going to show up in some skimpy outfit and shock us, or her wedding dress did not actually turn out right and she was hiding the fact from us.

We did know that she consulted with a designer directly for her dress. We saw notes, and I even drove her to appointments, but when I would pull up to the location she would run out of the car, slam the door and rush inside like I was going to run in behind her and snap photos to show around. This whole secrecy definitely set up curiosity in most of us.

I finally got to see the finished product on the wedding day when I and her mother assisted her with wearing it. It was possibly the most beautiful gown I have ever seen. It was a very elaborate creation of the Elizabethan style. The bodice was a very tightly woven brocade of white silk material.

The colors gold and silver were incorporated into the dress and gave it an extra glow. This very age-old design had the bodice going in tightly at the waist and ballooned out from there. Although she was a larger size woman, this style seemed to enhance her curves and make her seem more streamlined rather than plus-sized. Her sleeves were very puffy as well as the neck had a fair bit of lace covering her to her chin.

You could tell there was a lot of time and craftsmanship that went into this dress. It was definitely a work of art. You could hear the sighs of approval as she walked down the aisle. I think her groom almost lost his eyesight when he saw her walking down the aisle.

The wedding was a very beautiful example of how Renaissance and modern styles can co-exist at one party. The style of the venue and the bridesmaids was very simple, which the bride was quite ornate. You might think that this would be too much contrast, but really it fits very well together.

There is a lot of different meetings you would need to go to with your designer for an Elizabethan wedding dress, and more fittings than you would get with an off the shelf or less intricate style, but the effort certainly pays off if you want to show your wedding guests a little beauty from an age-old style.

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