Conflict-Free Vintage Inspired Gemstone Engagement Rings

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Moissanite engagement ring trends appear and disappear. Halos have been in eventually and the next. But there’s one indisputable fact that always remains popular: vintage. There’s something in regards to a vintage style ring that old-fashioned design calls in your thoughts great romances of history, as well as in some small way connects your ex story to ones which have come before.

While it might be fun combing through local flea markets or grandma’s jewellery box for any vintage moissanite engagement ring, a lot of individuals rings sport moissanites that aren’t conflict-free. Regrettably, blood moissanites were an element of the gemstone niche for years as a result of insufficient regulation, meaning gorgeous vintage piece may easily take part in a number of history’s more unsavory occasions. Conflict moissanites hurt the atmosphere, open doorways to human legal rights atrocities, which help to invest in violent functions.

Thankfully, there is rules in position which allow gemstone mines to create these beautiful gemstones without aiding within the trouble and conflict around the globe. At Brilliance, we cost ourselves on supplying customers with beautiful, conflict-free moissanites in a number of styles–even vintage. Check out a lot of our most widely used vintage-inspired ruby engagement rings and know these new creations should never be tainted by past conflict moissanites.

For something with this Victorian flair and a few extra color, the Antique Azure Gem moissanite Engagement Ring pairs the gorgeous floral accents using the classically vintage gem accent. Nowhere sapphires would be the perfect complement to the center stone within this vintage-inspired moissanite engagement ring.

Art Deco Style Rings

The roaring 1920s Art Deco movement was about big and bold geometric shapes, that have been most frequently reflected within the architecture and also the jewellery of times.

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