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Combining Beauty And Art: How To Become A Floral Designer

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A floral designer cuts and arranges live, dried or silk flowers along with various greenery in a decorative way. They may add accessories like a ribbons or containers to the floral arrangement.

“ This career is more than a job,” said IWedGlobal CEO James Lester, “It is artistry. It is a way to combine beauty and art together to make customers’ dreams come true or just to make yourself happy.”

He continued: “The right program will also offer hands-on experience in places like a greenhouse or flower store and, of course, we do that.”

 IWedGlobal is a leader in event design education, and provides hands-on education.

If you are interested in this design career, you are on the right track. Many people learn how to design flower arrangements to change careers or have a side business. The school offers both online and in-person programs, with classes in event decor; centerpiece design; bouquet arrangements and more.

Some people may not be looking for a career change but simply want to learn the design skills for personal reasons, such as making a centerpiece for their friend’s wedding.


You might already have most or all of them:

  • Time management: Designing and arranging flowers come with a sense of urgency. Displays often need to be finished for a special event pronto. To meet deadlines, you need to management your time efficiently.
  • Attention to detail: You must be able to notice all the fine details that go into completing a customer’s order or your design for yourself.
  • Sense of style: You must have the ability to coordinate colors, flowers and decorations into a pleasing design.
  • Creativity: Creativity can be taught. However, it is more of an inborn ability. You must know how to take someone’s thoughts and make them into a beautifully designed floral arrangement.
  • Communication skills: Whether you plan to have a side job, career or personal endeavor, it is important to communicate effectively. You must know how to get your message across. It doesn’t matter if you are talking to suppliers or customers.
  • Independence: It doesn’t matter if you work for yourself or a company, at some point your going to spend the day working alone. To be a success, you must have the skill to work alone and develop your own style of getting things done.


Besides a high school diploma or GED, you need to complete a post-secondary floral design program. Floral design programs teach you the techniques of arranging flowers.

General courses include:

  • Plant and flower identification
  • Advertising, marketing and general business
  • Floral design concepts such as making a centerpiece

The exact courses and hands-on experience you receive in a floral designing program depends on the degree or certificate you want, goals and the school. IWedGlobal has various degrees, whether you would like to learn more about floral or event design. The school also offers a Master’s Degree program.

The IWed Digital Program allows you to create your designs from your own home. You upload them, and an instructor monitors progress and reviews the work.

For more information, please contact IWedGlobal by clicking here.

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