Amethyst Ring for an Engagement With a Difference

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The gemstone amethyst has been viewed as a talisman against addictions. Not only this, this gem is known to reduce stress, calm negative emotions, and give relief to headaches. In spite of these qualities, this gem is not a popular choice for the engagement ring. However, the qualities like sincerity and purity make it the perfect thing for couples who want to make their relationship more meaningful.

Advantages of Amethyst ring

So, while amethyst may be an unusual gemstone for engagement still it can be the perfect thing for your engagement if you want something unique. Also, it promotes some qualities that every person looks for in their partners. It promotes sincerity that is all about genuine, consensual love between two people and purity which ensures that their love is not affected by outside circumstances.

Another feature that makes Amethyst a good option is its cost. When compared with precious stones like rubies or diamonds this gemstone is relatively reasonable though they are just as beautiful. In simple words opting for an Amethyst engagement ring will give you an advantage of the perfect combination of beauty and affordability.

What metal types to be used for Amethyst rings

Though metal type is more of a personal choice certain types of metals are more commonly utilized in these rings. The popular metal options are platinum, silver, and white gold. Though you can also opt for yellow gold few people these days are opting for it as it is considered a relatively soft metal. Durability is of special importance as engagement rings are worn daily for years together. Another reason why people do not opt for yellow gold for the amethyst ring is that the yellow hue can bring out an undesirable yellow tint in the amethyst.

Tips for buying an Amethyst ring

Like every other gem, the biggest challenge when buying this gemstone is its authenticity. We all shell out a fortune to own a gemstone. We all want to avoid the costly mistake of picking up a fake as there are many places that sell imitations as amethyst and it is very difficult to tell the fake stone on the first look.

So here are a few handy tips for you:

Only shop from a trusted jeweler, usually they inform their customers whether the stone is an imitation or a natural stone.

Also remember that there are three grade levels for amethyst stones: Siberian, Uruguayan, and Bahrain.

Siberian stone is top-grade amethyst while the lowest grade is Bahrain.

The deep violet shade is the more expensive and as the color range goes lighter the price also goes down.

Remember oriental amethyst rings do not contain amethyst stones instead these rings have sapphire stones but the color of the stone is somewhat like the amethyst.

Care of Amethyst ring

Don’t wear them in a way that they get exposed to direct sunlight as it may alter the hue of the stone.

Clean it at regular intervals as it is essential to keep it in good condition for a longer period.

To clean it you can simply mix water with light liquid soap and then scrub it with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

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