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8 Ways to Make your Wedding More Eco-Friendly

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With a little innovation and forward thinking, there’s no reason why each couple can’t have a green wedding. As a starting point, we’ve outlined 8 ways your can make you wedding a lot more eco-friendly.

  • Look for an eco-friendly venue

With such huge numbers of visitors coming to partake in your wedding day, choosing a venue that shares your values on sustainability is the first step to planning an eco-friendly wedding. There is a short list of environmentally friendly wedding venues in Sydney that will suit your needs, including Doltone House Darling Island, which is located within the first six-star green building in NSW and situated beautifully on Sydney Harbour. Choosing an environmentally conscious venue will decrease your wedding’s eco-footprint significantly.

  • Cut down on blooms

Sourcing a large amount of flowers for your wedding day, especially when they are not in season and have to be imported, has a considerable carbon impression. Nowadays there are such a significant number of choices for alternative options to flowers that can help you reduce the environmental impact of your wedding day. Create arrangements with local grown and in season flowers and fill them out with greenery. If you have a garden of you own, small homegrown flower varieties are perfect!

  • Lease your materials

You don’t need to buy everything new for your wedding day! There are millions of people who have had weddings before you, and there will be millions of people who have them after you as well. Find a company that will hire out everything you need so that nothing goes to waste. What’s more, don’t stop at decor; lease anything you can! Hire your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and grooms party suits as well.

  • Go veggie

If you value sustainability, you will already know that the meat industry creates a lot of pollution and requires a great deal of water. Decide on a mostly vegetarian menu if you want to plan a more eco-friendly wedding. Carefully consider the amount of food you will require for your guests to ensure there isn’t a large amount left over that will go to waste.

You may also consider going entirely paperless and sending your guests an e-invite.

  • Beverages

Avoid drinks that are bottled individually, and offer cask wine and beer. Don’t go for anything that is wrapped in plastic and certainly don’t provide plastic cups to serve your drinks in. The less waste you produce on your wedding day, the les impact it has on the environment.

  • Table Decorations

Create table decorations out of natural materials. Guests can discover their seats via place names imprinted on seeded paper or even hand written on smooth natural leaves or stones.

  • Give the gift of sustainability

In many cases, wedding favours end up going to waste. Giving eco-friendly wedding gifts is the perfect way to encourage others to live sustainably too. Choose a gift made from natural materials, or give seeds and encourage your guests to plant them in memory of your special day.

An eco-friendly wedding shouldn’t be an additional consideration to stress over. There are a number of things to consider that will test you to ensure your plans don’t affect the earth. Planning a green wedding means that you concentrate on what is essential, while reducing things that might be unimportant or superfluous at your wedding. The biggest tips you should take away from this article are – choose a venue with sustainable values, opt for recycled décor items and decorations made from natural products and avoid creating waste at all times.  

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