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7 Crazy Ideas for the Stag Do Celebration

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Stag Do Parties are always remembered for the crazy activities that guests are engaged in. Any form of boredom will be curbed on arrival. However, these crazy ideas do not just come out of the blue.

The Stag manager needs to be creative enough in deciding on which activities to be engaged in. For your stag weekend, you have no option but to hire a professional Stag manager. Some of the ideas to consider include the following:

#1 Destination

The aim of a stag party is for the groom to have maximum fun. This is immensely contributed by the destination choice. It is endorsed with wonderful sites to visit and activities that will spice up your stag party. Capitalize on Lisbon Stag do ideas to mazing time while there.

#2 Love treats

Though an unusual treat, but it contributes to a crazy stag event.

#3 Visiting Strip clubs

Going to a strip club is not only crazy, but also lots of fun. While there groom and the crew can enjoy music, lapdances and various alcoholic beverages. You definitely should take some pictures just to tease him later on.

#4 Drinking spree

You can propose a drinking spree challenge. Let people drink a wide variety of alcoholic drinks and find who blacks out first. Though crazy, it is an idea that will keep people lively. Watching people struggle to finish their drinks is quite interesting. Such an activity suits a stag event.

#5 Inflatable Games

A game mostly associated with children might also come in handy to give you an interesting stag party. A good example is the inflatable game. Here you will wear inflated outfits and be required to play in them. No doubt, you will have fun in chasing each other around.

#6 Cave Cycling

You can use this party to go an extra mile in doing some activities. For example, Cave Cycling will do some great good for the entire event. It is a breathtaking undertaking that will guarantee you fun and lots of adventure. Everyone taking part in it will have a lasting experience.

#7 Dumper Truck Racing

It is time to try out your prowess in driving. This can be exercised in your Stag party. Challenge your friends into a dumper truck racing and see who wins. This event will not let you down in anyway. It is full of fun and educational.

Furthermore, it grants you with a chance of enhancing your concentration. Now that you will be required to react quickly while operating that truck, a higher degree of concentration is needed.


A crazy stag party lies in the activities engaged in. They should be lively and full of fun. Every individual should feel part and parcel of the entire event. It will automatically get rid of any boredom.

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