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5 Tips for Planning Your Wedding Reception Menu

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A wedding isn’t a true wedding unless there is delicious food. However, putting the menu together for your wedding can be difficult, because you are basically ordering for all your guests – on their behalf. Typically, you want to put together a fixed menu, so that people have a number of different options. The truth is that you may have vegetarians and meat eaters. You may even have some vegan guests. The key is to think of all the people you are serving. If you don’t think about your guests, your wedding reception may be a flop. The last thing you want is an unmemorable wedding reception.

Think of all your guests – don’t leave one single person out. It is important that you make everyone happy when it comes to your menu. Indeed, choosing food can be difficult, but it can be a lot easier to start thinking of items that individual guests may like. You don’t want to have too many items on your menu, but you do want some universal options according to different tastes.
The truth is that setting up your menu, creating the food, and then serving is something that you definitely don’t want to think about or do. The truth is that you can easily hire a catering service, like Martin’s Caterers to serve the food for you. Not only that, but a catering service will also prepare the food.

Encourage a buffet style menu – it is a lot easier for people to serve themselves. Basically, your caterers will create a few dishes that people can choose. You could even have a ticket system so that certain people with different tickets can start serving themselves. The key is to not cause a stampede at your own wedding.

If you have over a certain number of guests – you probably want to have a sit-down style dinner. If you have over 100 guests, there is a good chance that serving them buffet style – even with tickets – will become a serious burden. This is where having a quality caterer will come in handy – the last thing you want is to serve 200 or more guests at your wedding.
Think of cocktails that go with each of your meals – also think of the season. On top of everything, you also need to think of some cocktails that you may serve at your wedding. Cocktails are just as important as food, so you need to think of some concoctions that will go well with the food items that you are serving. For instance, gin goes well with fish.

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