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Five Reasons To Propose With An Antique Engagement Ring

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Getting down on one knee and popping the question to your partner has to be one of the most daunting questions you’ll ever have to ask.

Yet, before you even think about what you’ll say or how you’ll do it, you need to have selected an appropriate choice of ring.

One of the options that you could consider would be to think about choosing an antique engagement ring. However, if you aren’t very familiar with purchasing antique jewellery then you might be wondering what the benefits of antique rings are as opposed to heading to your local high street jewellery store.

So here are 5 reasons explaining why selecting an antique engagement ring for your proposal is a great idea.

One of a kind

One of the best things about antique jewellery is that they are truly one of a kind. Whereas your local high street jewellers will have a number of replicas for each design, the beauty of antique rings is that the designs are so original that you’ll find it much harder to find another item which is the same.

Your proposal marks a very important stage in your relationship through which you’re choosing to spend the rest of your life with that special person, so why not choose a ring that reflects your feelings just perfectly!

Value for money

Although antique jewellery is perhaps rarer in terms of its design and heritage, antique pieces might not be as expensive as you think.

The unique style of antique rings often means that you’re getting value for your money when you compare engagement rings from high-street jewellery stores.

You ought to be wary though that if you see a deal that you think sounds too good to be true, then that’s because it probably is. Therefore, it can advisable to have certified gemologist look at the item for you and confirm that the antique is genuine if you have any qualms.

Steeped in history

Items that are classed as being ‘antique’ ought to be at least a hundred years old. You can find out more about defining antiques by heading to Antique HQ.

Each antique ring has its own special story to tell, and it’s truly amazing to think that these items could have passed through a number of different periods in history.

What’s also remarkable and what makes antique jewellery so special is that many of the periods throughout history will have influenced jewellery in some sort of way. For example, jewellery produced in the Victorian era was heavily by Queen Victoria who adored romanticism.

Jewellery in this period also featured gemstones in a gypsy style setting ‘in which the gemstone is almost imbedded into the piece with minute prongs holding it in place’ according to the International Gem Society discussing mid-Victorian period jewellery.


Another reason why you ought to consider an antique ring for your engagement could be due to the phenomenal choice of beautiful pieces no matter your partner’s preference.

Whether you think that your partner would prefer a more traditional style of ring with a diamond stone and simple band, or whether you would like to try something with a bit more colour, there is a range of magnificent gemstones which could be perfect.

Head to Antique Diamond Rings and observe the huge choice of wonderful styles and you’ll quickly be able to see why antique rings make such popular choices for engagements.

Timeless classic

Last but not least, the great thing about antique pieces is that they rarely go out of fashion and will continually be sought after for a number of years to come.

Whilst more contemporary styles of jewellery run the risk of being in today and out tomorrow, you have the assurance with antique jewellery that it will still be as special far into the future.

These are just five of the reasons explaining the benefits of antique jewellery and the list really could on for much longer. Choosing the right engagement ring is important, yet by opting for an antique ring, you’re guaranteed to have chosen a truly remarkable and unique piece that your partner won’t help but be able to fall in love with.

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