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3 Wedding Types that Make Bali Most Brides Preferred Wedding Destination

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Bali has become a favorite wedding destination for many people. The island, being a wedding destination, has a lot of wedding venues and packages to offer to the couples who have decided to exchange their vows in this magical island. We went ahead and picked three wedding packages that are loved by most brides and that most people prefer to pick as their wedding packages and venues to celebrate their big day.

  1. Beach Light Wedding

Most brides at some point in their lives have thought of having a beach wedding when exchanging their vows. The thought of a white sandy beach on your bare feet as you say “I do” to the love of your life is not only exciting but romantics as well. With the beach light wedding package in Bali, you get to get pure relaxation in nature’s most beautiful scenery.

With this wedding package, a bride will have a unique villa that is a mixture of contemporary and ancient works of art that makes it a beautiful sight to behold. There is nothing as beautiful as saying your vows overlooking the ocean as the breeze touches your skin and plays with your hair.

  1. Villa Wedding

Most brides are said to have loved the Villa wedding because the perfect villa wedding takes place somewhere on the island in a super magnificent and extraordinary location. Bali Island is known for its beautiful views that make it the number one wedding destination in the world. Getting to exchange your vows somewhere on the island with the beautiful views surrounded with your loved ones is something that any bride would love to have. The thought of the beautiful lights illuminating in your eyes as your eyes sparkle in delight will leave your husband more and more in love with the love of his life. Which bride wouldn’t want that? Starting her life as a married woman with lots and lots of beautiful views?

  1. Morabito Art Cliff

For that bride who wants to get married, but prefers exchanging her vows in the good, classic chapel way, the Morabito Art cliff is your perfect wedding package. The Morabito Art Cliff provides the bride with the classic beautiful chapel in the exotic island that is the world’s most sought-after wedding destination in the world. The bride will get the traditional wedding that comes complete with hymns and bells and confetti is this magical island away from home.

If you have been dreaming of a white wedding in a chapel and at the same time thought of having your dream wedding, then this is the best package for you.

A bride’s nightmare is for her day not to go down smoothly as she would want, and the only way to avoid that is to get the services of a wedding agency who will make everything easy and stress-free for you. One of the best wedding agency in Bali is The Seven, an agency registered with the Bali Wedding Association which is the only legal wedding association in Bali. The Seven is western managed and this means you will get world class service on your wedding day. They also have a huge in-house team that assures you of a super organized wedding.

Come and exchange your vows in one of Bali’s top wedding destinations that are a trusted and loves choice among many brides.

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