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10 Wedding Tips for the Parents of the Happy Couple

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Many couples who are dating always hope their relationship will end up in marriage. In most cases, this calls for a wedding to solemnize this wonderful union between the two love birds. Planning a wedding is not a piece of cake as much as it appears wonderful and romantic. It can be a really stressful phase for the couple who want to start their life together.

The parents also get mixed feelings about their children getting married.  They feel happy that their child is settling with the love of their life and at the same time sad that their child is leaving their protective nest. To make this easier, here are 10 tips that parents can use to make the wedding of their children a success:

  1. Be straight forward and honest about finances

Don’t feel the pressure to contribute more than what you can manage, your child will understand the circumstances you are in. Nowadays, the bride and groom make prior arrangements way before the wedding date to ensure they are capable of financing their wedding.

Early in the engagement, let your child know if you will offer any financial assistance and clarify whether it is a gift or a soft loan.

  • Check on the couple regularly and offer a helping hand

The couple should not be left to handle all the tasks pertaining to the wedding on their own. It can be overwhelming both physically and emotionally. In the final weeks leading to the wedding, the couple will be swamped with a lot of last minute arrangements. During this time, you can check on them and offer a helping hand on anything they might need help with. Don’t be specific in your help, like offering to arrange their invitations for them. You might not be having the same tastes and the couple might have made arrangements for that already.

  • The wedding is not about you

As a parent, you might want to be really involved in the planning and financing of your child’s wedding. Delving too much into the intricate details of the wedding is not advisable. Let the couple have their way, it’s their big day and they have envisioned for years how they would want it to go down. Don’t impose on them your own plans. Be keen to listen to the bride and groom if they want your opinion about the wedding. Check out this top & best wedding photographer in Sydney

  • Steer clear off family politics

There might be disagreements and feuds in a family. As a parent, this is not the best time to bring them up. The drama of family politics in a wedding is embarrassing and will ruin the big day for your child. If your daughter has asked her birth father to walk her down the aisle instead of her step-father, please respect her decision. In the case of feuding aunts, try and keep them apart to avoid altercations. Make a conscious decision to get along with those you don’t see eye to eye with for just this day to avoid unnecessary fights.

  1. Your personal grievances should remain just that, personal.

If you have disagreed with somebody or you are unhappy about something, please don’t let it show. Keep your cool and try to solve your issues discreetly to avoid having a foul mood during the wedding.

  • Seek approval from the couple on your wedding attire

It is advisable as parents to run your outfit by the couple to avoid showing up in attire that is out of place. The couple might have planned a dress code for their parents in order to match the theme of their wedding.

  • Don’t embarrass the couple

Don’t share embarrassing moments in your child’s life that might cause them to cringe. This will embarrass them in front of the friends, school mates, colleagues and even bosses who might be in attendance. In case you are debating whether to share an anecdote or a joke that might sound embarrassing, it is wise to ask the couple about it first. Be sure to edit out any offensive or swearing words out of your joke.

It is also wise to check your alcohol intake to ensure you don’t over indulge and cause a scene at the reception.

  • Give the guests a designated contact for any inquiry

If the couple entrusts you with the planning of the wedding, be sure to include a contact on the invitation cards for the guests to use. This will save the couple the agony of having to receive calls on various last minute arrangements. You can also appoint personal assistants for the couple to assist them in receiving any calls to avoid interrupting the event.

  • Don’t attach strings to your support

Your support during the planning of the wedding should not be used as a leverage to have your wishes met. Do not arm twist the couple in order to have your way during the wedding, this is their day and you should let them be.

  • Interact and blend well with the in-laws

The parents of the bride or the groom should not feel left out. Interact with them and show them love. Remember these are people you will be seeing for the rest of your life.

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