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10 Prom Dresses For Fashionistas

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When we choose a dress, we are always seeking to highlight the attributes of our figure. There are many models and designs of Prom Dresses, so much so that you don’t know what model and what color to choose.

To achieve a winning look, three essential keys characterize the event: Sensuality, elegance, and sophistication, according to Vogue in Prom Dresses Through the Years: An Evolution. Here we summarize the ten hottest trends for prom dresses in 2019:

Classic Take

  1. Dresses with a Single Shoulder. If you are a voluptuous girl, there is nothing better for you than one-shoulder dresses, as they visually help reduce the width of your back and make you look much more stylized. In conjunction with the “strapless” model, it has been one of the most used cuts in red carpets throughout the year. Also, it always fits for a party of the “Hollywood” theme.

You can get beautiful and affordable Prom Dresses as the Ivory One Shoulder Ruffle Mermaid Prom Dress brought by the JVN brand. This model is defined by a monochrome style adorned with a band at shoulder height and culminates with a beautiful siren cut skirt.

  1. Loose Dresses. They are perfect for almost all body types; we recommend these models of dresses to be worn by women from medium to tall height, to cover wide hips and unflattering curves.

 If you want to give an image of editorial beauty,  opt for a pattern like the Charcoal Keyhole Neckline Backless Chiffon Prom Dress of the same brand; you can dance all night thanks to its lightweight fabric with flight. Plus you’ll be comfortable during the summer because it has thin straps exposing the shoulders.

Sensual Elegance

  1. Skin-tight Dresses. If you have an hourglass-shaped body, there is nothing better than the models of dresses accentuating the figure – wide cut in the skirt. If you are built like a Greek goddess, you can flaunt your curves while at the same time divert the attention from less favorable areas.

Get an European high-couture design like the Orange Fitted Backless Plunging Neck Prom Dress. A deep neckline gives way to a slim silhouette – perfect for dark-skinned girls as it balances the contrast and sensuality with a formal event.

  1. Dresses V-neckline. Besides being the best option for plus-size girls, it helps to refine those round features; A recommendation for this dress is to choose dark colors to project a subtle volume and feel better than ever.
  2. Mini Dresses. It can be one of the best options in dress models for tall women especially if you choose blouse-style Prom Dresses because they will add volume to the hips and create a more proportionate shape for the thin figures.
  3. Long Dresses. They are the perfect option for women of medium to high stature, in addition to being the preferred options to keep up with the most hyped moment of the prom party, this design helps to highlight or hide some parts of our body, and there is a great variety of models to choose.

Editorial Beauty

  1. Short Dresses. These gowns are perfect for women of short stature; they must be selected above the knee to create the optical illusion of having longer legs; They are an excellent model to add shape and femininity to a silhouette with few curves.
  2. Two-tone Dresses. If you have a wide waist, try two shades garments, which add shape and create the illusion of having a more defined waistline. If you use a dark tone and a light tone, this helps to hide and highlight either your hips or chest.
  3. Strapless dresses. Many women prefer strapless, but this design does not favor all girls. If you have a little bust, strapless hearts will help you increase this area; go for pieces that have volume at the neckline to look better.
  4. Belt Dresses. If you have few curves or a rectangular body, the models of dresses that favor you most are those with a belt, in this way you will accentuate your waist, but if you are not interested in highlighting this part, the A-cut dresses are perfect for you.

If among these ten categories you have found the right gown for you, all you need to look for the right accessories and arrive at the party like a true diva.

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