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10 Fun and Unique Hen Party Ideas for Every Type of Bridal Squad

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Your hen party is your last chance to enjoy singlehood with your girlfriends before you finally commit to the life of a married woman. Surely, you want a party that you and your best buddies will remember even when you’re all old and crippled. Below is a roundup of the best bachelorette party ideas that will surely fit any type of bride squad.

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#1 – Belly Dancing Lessons

Belly dancing is a sacred and expressive ritual dance. It is believed to strengthen the core, conjure healing powers, and awaken the spirit. Also, it’s an outrageously fun activity that even your mum will love to take part in.

Learn the basic moves from a professional belly dancer. Once the music starts playing, you better be ready to shimmy your hips and lose all your inhibitions.

#2 – Classy Strip Show

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No traditional hen party would ever be complete without a male stripper. A stripper show is one of the all-time favourite themes of bachelorette party celebrants. Depending on the packages of the party vendor, you can ask for cheeky butlers, life drawing lessons, strip shows and more.

The customisation options are endless. In fact, you can even select the costumes and props of the stripper. You can even ask the stripper to do anything. Have your guests giggling all night with a sexy and all-out male entertainer.

#3 – Spa Weekend

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Pre-wedding preparations are stressful. Give yourself time to relax before the big day by going to the spa with all your closest of friends. A spa getaway will surely everyone 100 percent happy and relaxed. Many spas offer group packages for hen parties.

Some packages include group pedicures and manicures, body scrubs, foot spas and full body massages. Others include cleansing diets that can help you get that youthful glow on your wedding.

Word of advice: try to minimise your guest list to at most 12 people to avoid getting the spa too crowded.

#4 – Sing-Off Challenge

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If you grew up listening to famous hits of Beyonce, Spice Girls, Avril Lavigne or other notable female music icons, you should definitely consider hosting a karaoke hen party. It’s the perfect moment for you to belt your heart out with the gals.

You can challenge one another to determine the best singer in the group. Winner gets freebies or maybe the key to the executive suite.

#5 – Glamping

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Dream of spending a few nights in a luxurious teepee, yurt or bell tent while having a heart-to-heart session with your girlfriends? If your answer is yes, then glamping may just be the best hen party theme for you.

Glamping a great way to enjoy the company of your closest friends and get in touch with nature.Many boho-chic brides and bridesmaid love glamping.

Some glamping packages include a bottle of champagne, campfire activities, yoga sessions and natural crafting lessons.

#6 – Escape Room

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Unleash your squad’s detective skills by locking yourselves in an Escape Room. There are several crazy escape room in Canada like the Escape Casa Loma and Roundabout.

You can also try visiting famous escape rooms in other countries like the Escape Hunt in Paris and The Escape Game in Florida, USA. Each type of escape room game requires you to solve puzzles, find missing items and finish other challenges within a limited timeframe.

#7 – Countryside Weekend

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If you’re up for a more non-traditional way of celebrating your hen party, you can choose to spend it away from the busy city. Some bachelorette party vendors offer countryside parties. Drive to the peaceful countryside to relax and unwind.

It’s a great learning experience for all of your nearest and dearest female guests. There are a lot of farm activities you can do such as milking cows, chasing hens, harvesting produce, and making bread.

#8 – Kart Racing

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Get everyone’s adrenaline pumping with a thrilling kart racing themed party. Kart racing is a great choice for bride squads who absolutely love the Fast and Furious franchise. Companies like TeamSport offer different packages for bachelorette parties.

Each package consists of heart-racing activities plus free nightclub passes. Your chosen kart racing company will also provide the required safety gears for all the participants.

#9 – Makeup Classes

Since your wedding day is almost around the corner, why not have your bridesmaids and other female entourage attend an exclusive makeup tutorial class? Many professional makeup artists offer hen party packages. They will teach your guests various glam up tips.

They can also teach you how to create inspiring wedding looks. After the classes, make sure to have a photoshoot session with everyone. Go and show off what everyone learned from the tutorial.

#10 –  Paintballing

Photo By: GJB Miller from Pixabay

Unleash your guest’s inner Lara Croft by hosting a paintball party. Paintballing offers the right blend of fun, excitement and challenge.

If you’re looking for a fantastic way to bond with your sisters by heart, then paintballing is definitely the right choice.

Paintballing companies offer amazing venues for each game. Be prepared to ditch your fancy dresses and high heels in the meantime.

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So what kind of bride squad do you have? Is it the kind that loves belting their heart out in one of those Spice Girl hits or the type that fancies an adrenalin-pumping paintball challenge?

Does your #bridalsquadgoals include enjoying a crazy night with an unexpected male guest (complete with costume + props) or a spending the whole weekend at a farm?

Whatever bachelorette party theme you choose, surely you will make unforgettable memories with your bridesmaids.

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