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Why Your Wedding Needs More than One Photographer

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If you’re just starting your search for a professional wedding photographer, you probably have lots of questions. One of the most common we hear is, “do I really need a second shooter?” If this is one of your burning concerns, you are definitely not alone!

Having more than one photographer at first seems a little like you’re hiring an entourage, or assembling your own paparazzi. The truth is that staffing up with more than one photographer allows you to get a more complete view of your day, in images, and also helps keep your timeline on track.

Multiple Locations

Most photography teams start by splitting up to cover getting ready photos. By having more than one shooter, you can simultaneously capture the bride putting on her wedding dress and the groom tying the perfect bow tie, for example.

Multiple shooters also ensure that you get pictures of all of the perfect details you worked so hard to put together before they are shuffled, collected, or consumed by your guests. You’ll be so busy on your big day, that you probably won’t get to see the guest tables all set before everyone is seated, or that perfect escort card display before the cards are moved.

You’ll relive everything through your wedding photos, so maximize the opportunities to catch all of the perfect moments by hiring a photography team instead of a solo-shooter.

Different Perspectives

One of the best reasons to hire multiple shooters is to make sure that someone is capturing all of the important perspectives. Take for example, that epic walk down the aisle. “You’ll want (images of) your walk and your fiancé’s reaction to it,” according to The Knot. This requires positioning one photographer with focus in one direction, and another in the opposite. “You get the point — multiple things happen simultaneously at weddings, and they’re all worth capturing.”

Large Wedding Parties and Guest Lists

While an argument can be made for a second shooter at weddings of almost any size, as your guest count creeps up, or when you have a large wedding party with lots of bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearers, flower girls and the like, an additional set of trained hands (and sometimes more) becomes more critical.

According to the experts at WeddingWire, asking, “How many photographers will cover my wedding,” is one of 14 essential questions you need to cover when interviewing prospects. If you are concerned about budget, feel free to express this during your interview, as the photographer may have suggestions like adjusting the number of hours of coverage, that can help you hire the right number of shooters at a price point that matches your priorities.

Emergency Backup

Of course, another huge benefit to having a team of pros on your side on the wedding day is avoiding the unavoidable. If traffic holds up one photographer, for example, another can still be on site to cover events. Multiple sets of equipment also ensure that if one piece fails, you’ll still have access to once-in-a-lifetime images of your day. Even the best-laid plans go awry, so a little insurance in the form of multiple photographers is great peace of mind for any couple.

What do you think? Have you considered the benefits of hiring more than one professional photographer to shoot your wedding day?

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