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Why You Should Wear a Kilt for your Wedding

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A lot of men, even Scots themselves, are hesitant to wearing kilts. It is not because they think kilts are ugly, but due to the fear of what others will think of them when they see them sporting a kilt. If you fall in the same bracket, it is about time that you shake off your worries. Here are some reasons why you can pick up a kilt and wear it without any hesitation or embarrassment.

Women love men in kilts

While kilts are not your regular clothes, they make for sexy, unique fashion. This is a popular style of dressing that can be seen in lots of TV shows and films, and the male fear that women laugh at men in kilts has no basis whatsoever. The fact that the society has opened up to varied fashion choices and even loves everything retro makes kilts a good choice for dressing up.

Lots of comfort

Wearing kilts makes your legs feel freer. With only a fabric piece wrapped about the middle section of the body, similar to a skirt, the legs are uninhibited and can get more movement. The freedom of movement is one of the prime reasons why kilts had originally been designed. On hot days, these apparels keep the bottom cooler and more uninhibited – thus allowing more comfort.

Wonderful choices in style

You can find these dresses in varied colors, fabrics and plaid patterns. There are as many as 7,000 plaid patterns available to pick from, with almost every type of color combination that is imaginable. About 150 plaid patterns are added every year, and there is no dearth of choice for you. The fact that these are available in many wonderful and stylish choices makes them even better.

Easy to accessorize

Other than having a lot of variety in plaid pattern choices, you can find many accessories to match kilts. There is no need to be in a full dress either to wear the clothes. It is easy to accessorize these outfits, and hose, badges, belts and tassels are only the beginning. You can also come across utility kilts, with storage areas and pockets adding to the convenience of sporting a kilt.

Scottish pride

If you happen to be of Scottish origins, you will love to wear kilts – which shows off the love and pride for motherland like few other things can. Wearing the tartan of the region, clan or family of your origin is a good choice. Even in case you do not like to show your exact place of origin, you may yet wear a kilt to display your pride in being a Scottish by birth.

If you are still not feeling confident about the kilt, it is a good idea to give it at least a try. You can find one in the tartan pattern of your choice and look at the mirror. You will love the style and comfort, and like the attractiveness, and find the confidence of wearing it out as a piece of casual apparel.

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