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Why you should choose an outdoor venue for your wedding

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Choosing your wedding venue can be very exhillerating and the venue we choose dictates so much about our wedding. The reason why you should pick an outdoor venue is because it always sets a relaxing atmosphere and this setting allows for the greatest chance of easy organisation but also some great photos and memories.

The pros are many and the first one to be mentioned is the reason why people hold a wedding at an outdoor venue in the first place, and that is the beautiful natural backdrop. A natural backdrop is irreplaceable as there is nothing more beautiful nor breathtaking than having a wedding among mother nature. Whether the scenery is a serene field, the woods or even a beautiful mountain range, it is hard to outdo the beauty and charm that nature offers.

A natural backdrop beats walls any time of the day. For some people an outdoor venue might be a problem, since it limits the amount of decorations that can be set up. Even though it could be said that decorations are not necessary, they are far from unwanted,  however is there a better decoration than the blue and green of the outdoors?

Another important element of why to opt for an outdoor venue is the space. Outdoor wedding venues ( e.g. ) are often far more spacious which means they can easy accommodate a lengthy guest list which some indoor venues severely limit. If the venue can accommodate such a large number of guests, if so desired, then the freedom and spaciousness of the outdoors may be what it needed for your special occasion.

The space provided by an outdoor venue has more pros if you want you wedding to be recorded or photographed. Big crowds packed in an indoor venue may often prohibit the photographer to move freely, however an outdoor venue negates that issue by allowing your photographer more breathing space and the ability to move about unhindered taking the best possible shots. This is usually also coupled with natural sunlight.

Having natural sunlight allows the photographer to bring out the natural inherent beauty and charm of your guests as well as your wedding. Natural sunlight can be a great source for you wedding photographer to take photos with incredible vibrancy. Another boon to your wedding photo collection will be the changes of daytime to night time allows for greater variety in your wedding shots.

In addition to providing a natural backdrop an outdoors venue is usually cheaper or in some cases even free. The setting can be anywhere, at your backyard, your friend’s or you could even rent an outdoor place. It’s a fact that an outdoor wedding saves a lot of money, so even in the case of some inconvenience such as bad weather, you could be prepared for it by having tents and heaters ready, and still save some! This open setting also allows you have your wedding ceremony and party in one place, which is of course going to be easier on your pockets. You only have to pay for one venue instead of two, so why not have your outdoor reception and ceremony in one venue?

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