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What to Do if It Rains on Your Wedding Day?

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Fall weddings seem like a great idea. You are free from the relentless heat of summer and it’s not yet too cold to have the ceremony outside. However, fall comes with its own set of weather related issues.

One of the biggest is rain. What can you do if it rains on the day you chose as your wedding day? With today’s elaborate and booked-months-in-advance weddings it is literally impossible to reschedule the wedding to the next day. And even if by some miracle you managed to do that, what’s the guarantee that the new date you’ve selected is going to go without rain.

A good idea would be to prepare for rain. Have a backup plan in case it starts raining.

Notify Your Photographer

Your photographer should know that the weather may be bad because they need to protect their equipment from the rain. Make sure that you tell them that you plan to be outside despite the rain. They may even have some specialized equipment for that occasion.

If you ask your photographer, light rain may be a blessing in disguise. A good photographer can make the best of any situation, but rain drops can really give your photos that extra something to make them stand out from the sea of similar wedding photos. Here are some other ideas on how to customize your wedding photos

Have Plenty of Umbrellas Around

Make sure that all of the people you chose to attend your special day have an umbrella of their own. However, there’s always someone who forgets or doesn’t have one, so make sure you have enough umbrellas to go around.

If you decide to have colorful umbrellas around, your photographer may be able to incorporate them into the photos, making them even more unique and special.

Make Sure Your Hair and Makeup Can Withstand Rain

Probably the most important thing to the bride on this day, apart from the wedding dress, are her hair and makeup. No matter if you get an elaborate hairdo or just a simple one, make sure that you either protect it from the rain or that it can withstand the rain. There are gels and other hair products which won’t be affected by the rain.

The same thing goes for makeup. A waterproof option ensures that you can go out even in the rain and still look stunning when picture time comes. It also helps if your emotions get the better of you and you tear up.

Have a Backup Venue

Even if your wedding ceremony is outdoors, it is unlikely that you’re planning to have the reception afterward in the open as well. Make sure that your reception venue can also accommodate your wedding ceremony in case the weather goes awry.

Most places won’t have an issue with such a request, but be sure to ask so that they can prepare in advance for that eventuality.

Have Backup Shoes at the Ready

Walking on grass or sand in high heels may seem nigh on impossible, but it is infinitely more difficult if it’s wet outside. That’s why you should have a backup option ready. When you go shoe shopping, buy one for the best case scenario, but make sure that you consider the worse option as well.

Nobody wants rain on their special day, but if it happens to you, it pays to be prepared, rather than be stressed and annoyed on the day which should be a celebration of you and your love.

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