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What makes a luxury Caribbean wedding so special?

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There are many places in the world to enjoy a destination wedding, from the colorful regions of South America to the mountainous terrains of Europe. However, there are qualities belonging solely to particular islands of the Caribbean that are uniquely theirs and truly add to the magic of a luxurious destination wedding. Today, we look at the Cayman Islands as the destination of choice.

  1. The Ocean Blue: Nowhere else in the world will you find as blue a hue as in the Caribbean and the Cayman Islands are no exception. Depending on which shore you choose to admire the waters from, the blue is completely and uniquely different. Grand Cayman’s world famous Seven Mile Beach will grace you with its beautiful tones of teal which on some days are a heavenly pastel while on others, the sea is clear as glass. Drive up to Cayman’s “blowholes”, however, for a unique viewing of the waves crashing in a rich royal blue; such a perfect blue, in fact, that it rivals the Pantone color for perfection. On the way there, don’t forget to stop at Lover’s Wall for photo with your sweetheart. Not only do you have the magic of the ocean as a backdrop for your “i do’s” but you have the added luxury of selecting the exact color of the sea and calmness of the waters depending on which part of the island you choose to make your wedded destination.
  2. The Food: The Cayman Islands in particular are known as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean for a reason. With award winning restaurants and Michelin star chefs sprinkled all over the main island of Grand Cayman, it’s certainly no surprise that they stand out for the culinary experiences they bring to the table, quite literally. However, no Caribbean Destination Wedding would be complete without incorporating some island flavor. Be it the fresh catch of the Caribbean sea, signature seasonings, or a clever menu of themed title dishes. A wedding in the Caribbean absolutely delivers when it comes to the food – an aspect that is known to be the most important on the list of first impressions for wedding guests. Don’t disappoint. A luxury wedding can be filled with amazing orchids and a dreamlike decor but if the food falls short, so will the entire guest experience.
  3. Next on the list of things you must consider when planning a wedding in the Caribbean is the extracurricular. We assume you aren’t going to plan a 1-day wedding in Paradise and then bid your guests an adios. You’re likely looking at a few days in the islands with your bridal party, your guests and the ocean breeze. You’ll need to have some activities planned. The Caribbean is full of amazing activities that suit all traveler needs – whether you’re the type who appreciates a little R&R in a beachside Cabana or a thrill seeker looking for new experiences to check off the bucket list, the Caribbean has a multitude of activities to offer – from spa sessions at luxurious resorts, diving excursions in the deep blue sea, midnight bioluminescence experiences or exploring the Island’s Crystal Caves, there’s something for everyone. Don’t allow yourself to get so caught up planning the tiny details of the wedding that you forget to look at the big picture – when planning a destination wedding, you’re truly planning an experience. Leave the more delicate wedding details to expert wedding planners like Celebrations Ltd. – or better yet, allow them to take care of it all and plan the experience from start to finish – menu planning, flowers, décor, design, excursions, accommodations, everything down to tuxedo rentals. All you’ll have to do it focus on what to wear!
  4. Magical Venues: Finally, we narrow down some picks for magical venues to have your luxury destination wedding in the Cayman Islands. There are so many options to choose from with the Cayman Islands being the epitome of metropolitan elegance while intertwining with the signature tranquility of the Caribbean. If you’re looking for a beautiful resort hotel & spa or perhaps a chain that you are loyal to, the selection is endless with offerings from the Westin, Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, Kimpton Seafire and new resorts slated to open soon such as the Four Seasons Grand Cayman. If you’re a bride seeking a resort-style offering in a more boutique fashion, the Caribbean Club is the answer to your prayers, an ocean-front boutique hotel with full family-appropriate condo-style luxury suites. On the other hand, if you’re seeking something slightly more private and every bit as elegant, take a look at the roster of private properties available as both accommodations and function rentals by Luxury Cayman Villas – gorgeous McMansions sprinkled all over the island, each with a private beach access and ocean view that is uniquely theirs. Want a venue rooted in history? Try Cayman’s Pedro St. James Castle, the oldest existing building in the Cayman Islands, immaculately maintained and currently preserved for use especially for special events such as weddings. Of course, the entire Island itself is a venue if you’re seeking an outdoor celebration. There is simply no end in site when the setting is Paradise.


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