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Wedding Traditions from Around the World

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In Western cultures when we talk about a traditional wedding we picture a white dress on the bride and a groom in a three piece suit. There is a variety of traditional weddings dresses from around the world. Perhaps you feel inspired to do something a bit out of the ordinary, or incorporate your heritage with your accessories or activities at the wedding.


It is customary for the groom’s wedding tie and the bride’s garter to be cut into pieces and auctioned to friends. This way they share in their happiness and wish them good fortune.


The bride incorporates a horse shoe into her wedding dress or accessories for luck. It must always be in a “U” shape to ensure all the luck stays inside the horseshoe. It is often hidden in the bouquet.


The traditional veil in France acts as a symbol of the priest’s final blessing. This was originally done with a carré which is a square piece of silk. The veil is seen in most Western weddings but has been given its own spin by every bride.


Brides in Germany rarely wear wedding dresses with trains, probably due to the fact that once they are married they must immediately tackle their first challenge as a married couple. This task is sawing a log in half, a train would probably make this more difficult than it already is.

Wedding dress shops lend themselves to those who embrace the train and those who don’t. The Estena design (image below left) reject the concept completely with its above-the-knee cut.


Traditional henna tattoos on the bride’s hands and on the hands of her bridal party. The darker the henna the luckier the bride will be in her marriage.


In Scottish tradition each family has its own tartan like a family crest. This is incorporated in the kilt of the groom and often a sash worn by the bride.

May your wedding day and marriage be prosperous and filled with love regardless of the customs you choose to abide by. Plus you’ll look beautiful in any of the dresses we have available.

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