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Wedding Planned To Perfection

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Having never been married before, I had no idea what I was looking for in a wedding planner, I just know what I had in mind for a dream wedding.
Luckily, I was pointed in the direction of something-nice, a creative wedding planning company based in Manchester. I say luckily, because honestly after talking through my desired aesthetic with one of their event co-ordinators I just sat back and watch my dream wedding become a reality.

Something-nice went into granular detail to ensure that my day was everything that it could possibly be!

My partner and I always had in mind a rustic themed wedding with rustic tables and chairs, when happening on their rustic furniture hire page and viewed the props that was available to hire I couldn’t help but picture myself and Steve (My Husband) in the place of the brides and grooms on the rustic themed pictures that Something Nice had on their website.

They have a range of events that have been dressed on their portfolio page, which really helped seal the deal although I didn’t want something as extravagant as a 007 themed wedding or even the Oscars, Steve and I had settled on our rustic theme and were glad that Something Nice could be of assistance.

That obviously set the wheels in motion as I was then implored to call them, and I can say without any doubt that I certainly made the right choice of wedding  planner Manchester.

The wedding light up love letters that they supplied was incredible! The friends and family crowded around them after we posed for our photo’s – they created a stunning visual for our first dance and really was the centrepiece of the whole wedding festivities if I’m being honest.
They even provide a rustic wedding guide on their blog.

It really is a shame that I have no plans to divorce Steve, despite his reluctance to put the toilet seat down – as if I were going to get married once more then the obvious choice would be Something-Nice as they are an incredibly wedding agency that make you feel part of their family whilst they’re helping to plan it!

So my advice to anyone looking to have the wedding of their dreams is to get in touch with Something-Nice at the earliest possibility so that they can help make your wedding the talk of the town.

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