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Tips for Wedding Invites

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When it comes to wedding invites and save the date cards you can never over prepare. There is so much that can go wrong like spelling errors, getting the dates wrong, or forgetting to put stamps on the RSVP cards inside your invites. Here are my best tips for preparing your wedding invitations.

Get Started Early

Save the date cards should be in the mail at least six months before your wedding date. That means you should be planning them 8 months out. Remember they take time to print and you should leave some wiggle room in case something is incorrect.

You don’t have to go nuts and make your save the date cards match the invitations, getting your save the date cards from the same place your order wedding invites can help save you money. So ideally you want to find a stationery store about 9 months before your big day.

For wedding invitations themselves ideally you should order them about 5 months out and aim to have them in mail 8 weeks before the wedding. If you are planning a destination wedding or anything abnormal you might want to consider doing everything even earlier so your guest scan have time to plan. In addition you will want to take a sample invitation to the post office to have it weighed so you know how much you will spend on stamps.

Hire a Calligrapher to Address Envelopes

While this may seem like a bit of overdoing it for some folks, this is one of the best touches you can put on a wedding invite. First off it looks elegant and stunning. This is your first impression you set when people receive your invite. Plus unless you have perfect hand writing you shouldn’t attempt this on your own. There is a good chance your stationer offers some type of printing service in your package, but a calligrapher is next level and more formal.

Order More Than You Need

The last thing you want to do is have to go back and ask to get more printed after you’ve recived your order. I would recommend get an extra 25 for an expanded guest list and that will leave you some for a keepsake. Remember its not just you who may want a keep sake, you mom may want one to frame.

Another thing to consider is for your RSVP’s have a few printed with a later RSVP date. So that if you send some out late you give the recipient a little extra respect on the deadline.

Don’t Forget Your Thank You Notes

As your RSVP’s start rolling in start and Excel spreadsheet. Record peoples name who are coming and start a column for gifts so you can log what specific gift each person or couple gave you. I would recommend starting your Thank you notes right from the beginning. Maybe not quite when you are opening the gifts, but darn close.

If anyone gives you a wedding gift pre wedding my advice is to send a thank you note within two weeks. For people who give on your wedding day or just after wait no more than a month to send a thank you. I can’t stress enough how important it is send thank you’s…some people put it off and then never get to it.

Get Postage Stamps

Of course your wedding invite needs a stamp, but don’t forget you also need an extra one per invite for your RSVP if you expect people to respond back. Recently my best friend forget the RSVP stamp and their guests either didn’t RSVP or had to pay for their own postage. This made his accounting for who was coming to the wedding very difficult.

You also should not assume the weight of your RSVP is one-ounce or less. Have the postal service weigh it to make 100% sure you are applying the proper postage to your wedding invite.

There are other places to buy stamps beside the postal service, but I would highly recommend using the USPS for the task of wedding invites. If you are in a pinch and you can’t get to post office or don’t have one near you, you can find other places that sell stamps here.

Get The Invite Weighed

It is very important early on in the process to take a sample invitation in the envelope (with everything included inside like RSVP and directions) and have it weighed by a USPS clerk. It is of the utmost important to get the wedding invitations weighed to apply the proper amount of postage. The last thing in the world you want is all your invites coming back marked insufficient postage…which would not only create delays but ruin your beautiful envelopes you spent so much money on.

While you are at the postal service you should also request your stamps get hand canceled by a clerk instead of a machine. This helps keep the integrity of the envelope and you can ensure that your precious wedding invites don’t get torn in a mail sorting machine.

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