Three Reasons to Hire an LED Video Wall for Your Wedding

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LED video walls are both engaging and entertaining and provide you with plenty of opportunities to entertain your wedding guests. Becoming more and more popular, LED video walls can be used to add a little bit of extra pizzazz and, because they are so easy to install, it will be a breeze to get them up and running.

 This no fuss but oh so effective addition to your wedding will be endlessly beneficial in terms of entertainment and decoration and, if you’re still not convinced, here are three reasons to hire an LED video wall for your wedding.

 They give your wedding a personal touch

LED video walls are so convenient because they can display just about anything you like. Whether you want a live streamed video of your wedding on show, images of you and your spouse on your first holiday together, a display of your wedding’s timetable, or even something completely bizarre on your LED video wall, it will be a piece of cake to do so.

We spoke to Pro Systems Services, London LED video wall hire specialists who said: “For an extra special touch to any wedding, LED video walls can assist in a number of ways. Firstly, they can tell a story. Lots of couples like to tell the story of their relationship through images on their video walls.

“You can also use LED video walls for more practical functions like informing your guests of ceremony details or seating plans. The world really is your oyster in terms of what you use them for.”

 Every guest can have a front row experience

If you’re having a big wedding, it’s likely to be a challenge to ensure that all of your guests feel like they’re having an up close and personal experience of the ceremony. So that your guests at the back don’t feel left out, an LED video wall live streaming your wedding will ensure that everyone, regardless of where they’re sat, gets to see the happy couple in detail.

This concept also works for the first dance or if your wedding features live entertainment, such as a band, because your guests will be able to see close-up details from afar.

 You won’t get better graphics

LED video walls provide their users with stunning visuals because the way they’re designed ensures that all of the imagery is crisp and bright – whether you’re having an indoor or an outdoor wedding, the visuals will not falter, even when subjected to direct sunlight.

They use advanced video processing so the quality and vibrancy of the imagery are second to none – you can even get touch screen LED video walls for an interactive experience for you and your guests.

If you’re unsure about what your LED video wall would look like, or you’re looking for ideas for what to display, check out this Pinterest page for inspiration.

If you feel as though you’re out of your depth when it comes to actually choosing your LED video wall, read this post for some pointers.

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