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Ten Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

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If you’re getting married in the near future, then the chances are that you’re excited about it.  But you might also be feeling a twinge of apprehension; after all, weddings aren’t known for their inexpensiveness.  With that said, it’s perfectly possible to cut down on the overall cost of your nuptials without compromising on how memorable and magical they are.  Let’s take a look at how we might do so.

Get a second-hand ring

The diamond industry has, for obvious reasons, successfully put about the rule of thumb that you’re supposed to spend more than a month’s income on your wedding ring.Naturally, this is a recipe for spending money that might better be spent on a first home or a honeymoon.  Cut back on the expense by looking for something vintage, or a hand-me-down from a well-off family member.

Put your wedding savings in a high-interest account

In April last year, the personal savings allowance was rolled out, allowing basic rate taxpayers to earn £1000 in interest, tax-free.  If you’re on the higher rate, this amount is still a fairly sizeable £500.  To get the best deal for your wedding, you’ll want to put your money to work here.

Pick an off-season day

The cost of hiring the venue will place the largest dent in your finances.  Hosting the wedding on a Friday or a Sunday will help to slash the cost of your reception – your close friends will be able to get the time off work to come to the ceremony, and you broader circle of guests will be able to come down in the evening.  Of course, fewer guests will be able to attend, which is another way that you’ll slash the cost of the wedding itself.

Most of us would ideally like to get married in the blazing sunshine, and thus winder weddings tend to be cheaper in terms of venue hire thanks to the laws of supply and demand.  Take advantage and you could save big bucks.

Don’t over-invite

Take a look through your guestlist.  Do you really need to invite everyone there?  Are there old school friends included, to whom you barely ever speak?  A money-saving cull is probably in order.  If you get rid of enough names, then you’ll be able to hire a smaller venue – plus, you’ll save money on the food, tableware and invitations.

Haggle remorselessly

In Britain, haggling is somewhat frowned upon.  It’s seen as a little bit untoward – or even outright rude.  This impression is, perhaps knowingly, reinforced by every venue and shop in the wedding industry, in the hope that punters will simply put up with the fact that weddings are expensive.  Most suppliers are open to negotiation, however – they’ll prefer to sell their wares for a slightly smaller profit than to let your precious business slip through their fingers.  Get them to bundle in extras.  If you’ve already got a minor reduction, persuading them to slip something else in might not be too difficult – as they’ll already have accepted that they’re open to some form of negotiation.

Reconsider wedding insurance

Wedding insurance is a type of cover designed to protect you if something unforeseen happens – if a relative falls ill or dies, or there’s a problem with the venue or with one of your suppliers, it’ll provide you with a basic safety net to fall back into.  It won’t cover you if one of you decides that they’d rather not get married, however.  If you’re looking to cut costs with a wedding, and you’re fairly sure that nothing is about to get in its way, then you might consider cutting insurance from your budget.

Don’t tell your suppliers it’s a wedding

If you’re arranging food or flowers, then one word that’s guaranteed to jack up the price is the word ‘wedding’.  Instead, call it a party or a celebration, and only let slip the fact that you’re getting married after you’ve finally settled upon a price.  That said, there are some situations where mentioning you’re getting married might mean a freebie or two – so play it by ear.

In conclusion

Once you’ve put into place a few ways to save money on the wedding, you’ll be able to channel it elsewhere.  But, equally, you can funnel your savings into some other area of the big day.  If you’re looking to make your wedding special, you might switch to a more exotic location.Those in search of London wedding reception venues, for example, might look to river Thames cruises to make the best from their reception (or even the wedding itself).

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