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Six Benefits to Selecting a Hotel as a Wedding Venue

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One of the many things you need to do when planning a wedding is to select a venue. It can be as traditional as a church or outdoors on the beach, or you can select a hotel at which to hold your wedding and reception. Here are six advantages to holding your wedding at a hotel.

Convenient Location

Many hotels are located near restaurants, by entertainment venues, and off major highways, so both in-town and out-of-town guests should be able to easily locate the wedding venue. If out-of-town guests are planning to stay in town a few days, they can book rooms at the hotel and tour the area in the days leading up to and after the wedding.

Saves Money

When you book a hotel as your wedding venue, you can select a wedding package that includes all the services you will need. Everything would be included for one price instead of needing to hire a caterer, find a place for the reception, buy a wedding cake, and hire the furniture for the wedding. The hotel’s event department, your wedding planner, and you can sit down and make the arrangements you want for both the wedding and reception.

Place to Honeymoon

When you book a hotel as a wedding venue, you can also book a room at the hotel to stay in for the evening. An elegant hotel can be a great place to stay for the honeymoon or you can stay overnight before leaving on your honeymoon the next day. You can also book rooms for the wedding party so that they don’t have to worry about driving or getting home after the reception.

Location Options

Most hotels have more than one location option for events such as weddings. If you select a hotel on the beach, you can arrange for an outdoor wedding. If your wedding is small, you could arrange to use a smaller room and have a dinner catered or enjoy it in the dining room with your guests. Some of the best wedding venues in Perth are at luxury hotels.

Experienced Caterers

The staff of a hotel includes experienced caterers who are used to planning for large events such as conventions, trade shows, and weddings. They can customise a menu for the reception and some caterers can prepare or arrange for a wedding cake. Many hotels have excellent chefs in their kitchens so the food will be some of the best in the city.

Staff at Your Service

There are many on staff who can help answer your questions, provide services at the reception, or handle problems that may arise. Their AV experts will make sure the sound system is ready for the wedding and reception, banquet captains can make sure the wait staff is prepared and performs professionally, and the concierge can arrange for special requests to be fulfilled for your wedding or reception.

By selecting a hotel as your wedding venue, you can take advantage of these benefits, save money, and have the type of wedding you’ve always wanted.


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